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Dodgers: MLB Insider Predicts $200 Million Contract for Corey Seager this Winter

Dodgers star shortstop Corey Seager will hit the free agent market after this season. The 26-year-old took home both the NLCS and World Series MVP trophies this past October. By all accounts, he is entering his prime.

The 2021 free agent class at shortstop is absolutely loaded. Barring extensions for Houston Asterisk’s star Carlos Correa and the Mets’ Francisco Lindor, they’ll join Seager in the open market along with Javier Baez of the Cubs and Trevor Story of the Rockies.

Former Orioles and Mets GM Jim Duquette took his shot at ranking the 2021 shortstop free agent class on MLB Sirius XM’s Power Alley this week.

“Lindor first. I think Story is a close second. Then, it’s hard, but Seager has such a big year last year. I put him third.”

During the regular season, Seags slashed .307/.358/.585 while recording 15 HR, 41 RBI, and a .943 OPS. He was even better in the playoffs, posting a .328/.425/.746 line. There’s a reason he took home both MVPs.

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Although the Carlos Correa contract proposal framed the conversation, Duquette took his best guess at what Seager’s next contract will look like.

Lindor is going to get 300 million. Story is probably getting high $200s, at least. Seager…same range…they’re all comparable in my opinion, so there shouldn’t be that much separation.”

The Dodgers and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman have big salary cap decisions over the next several seasons. Clayton Kershaw and Chris Taylor only under contact for 2021.

Not to mention, they’ll have to carefully gameplan how they’re going to handle the free agency of 2019 NL MVP Cody Bellinger (FA 2024), playoff hero Julio Urias (FA 2024), and postseason dynamo Walker Buehler (FA 2024).

No matter how you slice it, Seager is one of the best shortstops in the game and he has the hardware to prove it. 

Hopefully, this isn’t his last season in Dodger blue.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Offensively, Seager is better than all of them and the Dodgers can live with his average defense at shortstop. Bottom line for me, would I trade Seager even up for Story? Emphatic NO! Away from Coors Field Story is no better than an average ML hitter (check his career splits). Would I trade Seager for Lindor? Close call, so Seager and Lindor share the top spot for free agent shortstops.

  2. Seager 200 mil…I hope the Dodgers are smart enough not to insult him with that kind of offer

  3. Bad news is Bor-ass is Corey’s agent….and you saw what he did with Beltre, who wanted to be a Dodger(then again Ahole Frank low balled hime)….So I hate having our super players having him as a rep…DODGERS CAN’T AFFORD ALL OF THEM…..

  4. I keep asking if there is any way to influence Freidman to pay anything Seager wants to stay a Dodger. When healthy, he is the best shortstop in the game, not Lindor, who has the press.

  5. I am not sure there’s a good enough relationship as far as Boras and the Dodgers are concerned. The one fear is that if this relationship is at all lacking, then we could possibly lose Seager. Bellinger and Urias to free agency. Remains to be seen.

  6. This may be why Roberts wants Busch to keep improving at 2B. If they can’t re-sign Seager, they move Lux back to his former position.

    I know its another left hand bat, but Busch is already impressing people around the league with his ability to hit rightys and leftys…

  7. I would love to see the Dodgers resign seager, he is definetley the best of the short stops, may be other than story.

    Any one who give lindor a big contract is making a HUGE mistake, he is way over-rated. He has only one good year in career, during a juiced ball year, and has been unable to repeat it.

    Lindor is ridiculously over-rated.

    It is clearly story and seager.

    But I don’t how the Dodgers can continue to give out big contract to everyone.

    They already stuck with betts for years even after he will goes down hill in a few years.

    IN a few years the dodgers cold be mediorce for years with a bunch big contacts around their neck.

  8. The Giants and the Yankees are going to be aggressive…Seager will get 345-355 mil…if the Dodger won’t pay it…4 others will

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