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Dodgers: MLB Insiders Believe Freddie Freeman is ‘Very Much in Play’ for LA

Corey Seager is no longer a Dodger. Max Muncy is recovering from a serious elbow injury. Cody Bellinger is coming off his worst season a pro. The Dodgers need a left-handed bat they can count on. Could superstar Freddie Freeman be the answer?

A pair of MLB experts believe Freeman-to-the-Dodgers is very much in play.

AM570’s David Vassegh discussed the notion on Dodger Talk this week.

“They [the Dodgers] do need Freddie Freeman. My understanding is Freddie Freeman definitely would play here in LA if it’s not going to be in Atlanta.”

Vassegh cited the first baseman’s potential frustrations with Atlanta not rapidly re-signing the 2020 NL MVP. The Dodgers would be an ideal landing spot if Freeman feels jilted by Atlanta’s pedantic pre-lockout pursuit.

Former GM Jim Bowden added fuel to the Freddie fire in his free agent column in The Athletic this week.

“The Yankees and Dodgers are believed to be among the teams that have checked in with Freeman and his representatives to express interest. If he doesn’t re-sign with Atlanta, look for Los Angeles to make a strong bid for his services.”

Freddie is a bonafide stud. In 2021, he led the NL in runs scored while sporting a .393 OBP. He’s a five-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger, Gold Glove winner, and World Series champion to boot.

He would provide platinum-level insurance for Max Muncy’s elbow injury.

The “coming home” free agent angle is a tired one, but Freeman is born and raised in southern California. He also has a family connection to Ira Green, the father of former Dodger Shawn Green.

Los Angeles was reportedly in talks with Freeman prior to the lockout.

Can the Dodgers make the Freeman dream a reality?

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Hard to believe Freeman is making decisions with no CBA and no negotiations allowed between teams and players. What are the minimums for insider status, third cousin to an admin assistant?

  2. I didn’t know that fact about Shawn Green’s father regarding Freddie. It’s like a silver lining. Friedman, please sign Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, and Carlos Rodon. Also trade for a starter like Shane Bieber, Kyle Hendricks, and or Tyler Glasnow.

  3. Freeman 5 years $180. 6 years $200 Jantzen, Kershaw resign. Lux and prospect(s) for Sonny Gray and Castillo. Bring back Joc. If all else fails roll the dice with Matt Olson and or Kris Bryant. No on Swarber

    1. Kenley and Kersh will go elsewhere. Gray and Castillo won’t be traded. Don’t need Joc. We need to sign Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, and Carlos Rodon, as well as trade for a starter like Shane Bieber, Kyle Hendricks, and or Tyler Glasnow.

    2. Castillo is overrated look at his career numbers. Same with Gray for that matter. Not worth trading more prospects

  4. I know how the Dodgers can win another World Series! They can hire high priced All Star free agents and put them in every position! Farm team players?Ha!trade bait!

    1. Hmmmm….. let’s check out the Dodgers’ lineup from 2021.
      C- Smith – DRAFTED
      1B – Muncy/Bellinger – FA signing/DRAFTED
      2B – Lux/Taylor/Turner – DRAFTED/trade/trade
      SS – Seager – DRAFTED
      3B – Turner – FA signing
      OF – Pollock/Bellinger/Betts – FA Signing/DRAFTED/trade
      SP – Buehler/Urias/Kershaw/Gonsolin/May/Bauer/Scherzer – DRAFT/signed as a 15 year old/draft/draft/draft/FA signing/trade

      Kinda makes your post look stupid, doesn’t it?

    2. If they did that and won a World Series it still probably take them 7 games because of Roberts

    1. Don’t know where Freeman ultimately winds up, but whatever Bowden predicts, rest assured it’s not happening.

  5. At least there’s now TWO “MLB insiders”. Makes it so much more credible… :/

    1. Exactly! now I’m convinced. Especially when one of them is Bowden. He’s spinning it and he knows it, every team “checks in on” possible players, it means absolutely nothing.
      I’m glad many of us are starting to see how little credibility these writers and ecoerts have.

  6. No use on speculations here in regards to Freeman or any other player until a new CBA is reached and the way things look now with no talks yet even scheduled, this lock may even threaten or delay the 2022 season.

  7. freeman makes sense for the immediate future. two or three years. then the last three would be a gamble. hard to resist though. bryant seems similar to longoria. performancewise he looks like hes not commited. rodon seems like hed fit as a low cost risk on an incentives based contract with a low guarantee. he might fit. kershaw and jansen are just about dry and might dry up any day now. maybe a risk but only one year at a time. not worth taking a risk on more than incentives based deals but both will get full guarantees based on track records. jansen threw 69 innings last year. thats alot. thats too much. thats called overworking your relievers 25 to 29 innings. id have to bank on jansen seeing the i.l. at some point this season. he may not but id play it like that after 69 innings. but then he has been real good along with clayton so its understandable if the team resigns them. if they both took the year off and came back next year that would be the best thing for their arms to regenerate.that was some insane stuff last year with bauer and max going topless. he was trying to get walters attention for a while for a big contract. the best way to improve any team is being real good at developing home grown talent. it seems random to some extent. some guys just seem to develop well. you need a crystal ball. you wish you were a crystal ball . thats where teams are weak. if free agency were easier to acheive teams could just plug in talent from a vast pool by limiting free agent contracts to three years maximum. and letting prospects declare free agency after 3 years servicetime or age 28 whichever came first. then its not a loss if the young guys dont develop. and everybodys free by 28 still young enough to secure a deal with any team in their prime years. and limited to 3 year maximum deals if a deal goes bad for either side by the time they sign its usually 2.5 years pass relatively quickly so it minimizes damage on both sides. take the bauer contract for instance. its 3 years. now were looking at a year and a half roughly coming up and then its completed on both sides of the ledger in a shorter time frame which will mlnlmize the deal for either side if its not working. you just have to ride it out. its fair. it would probably work well and the headaches associated with talent would be nipped in the bud.

  8. Freddy Freeman should stay in Atlanta if the money makes sense. He has spent his entire career there. In 2020 he was the MVP. Atlanta won it all last season. Why move? Freeman can be one of those increasingly rare players that spends a great career with one team. I’d rather try to hold on to Trea Turner. He has an agent not named Scott Boras. So at least it’s possible.

  9. The Dodgers better be careful how they deal with this. If they sign Freddie but then it is revealed they were in contact during the lockout, it could nullify the deal.

  10. exactly – plz keep Trae!! we don’t need Freeman, we have Max. we need pitching and 3rd base

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