Dodgers, MLB Players Join ‘What Colors Are The Dress?’ Twitter Debate

Dodgers hat, glove

UPDATE (Feb. 27, 7:30 a.m. pt): According to Pedro Moura of the OC Register, discussion as to what colors are on the dress carried over Friday morning into the Los Angeles Dodgers’ clubhouse:


The Internet and more specifically, social media, was a quirky place on Thursday beginning with news that two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Ariz.

The animal’s journey provided for good theater during lunch hour as memes, hashtags and Twitter accounts were created to track their trek across city streets. After roughly one hour of sheriff’s deputies and others fail to lasso the llamas several times, both were eventually caught and social media returned to its normal state.

Then, some variation of five simple words sparked a harmless, ridiculous, though very much spirited debate — ‘What colors are this dress?’ Courtesy of Swiked on Tumblr, a photo of the dress below circulated and the discussion caught fire:


Black and blue? White and gold? Although a fashion-centric issue, several athletes, including Enrique Hernandez, shared their opinion:

Not one to miss out on a topic so prevalent across social media, Brett Anderson stated his allegiance and then offered a grim message to those who opposed him:

The Los Angeles Dodgers also used the opportunity to become involved by briefly changing the blue in their avatar to gold, then denying such change:

The actual colors of the dress were later revealed to be black and blue. If this futile debated reminded us of one thing, it’s that baseball can’t come soon enough.


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