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Dodgers: MLB Player’s Union Demands Resolution on Betts Trade

The Mookie Betts trade story gets more interesting by the minute. On Friday, Major League Baseball’s Players Union issued a statement expressing their dissatisfaction with the player swap between the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Twins in particular.

Executive Director Tony Clark made it clear that the trade between the Dodgers, Red Sox, Twins, and Angels was not fair to the players involved. And to his point, it does make for a very awkward situation indeed. Players are packing their bags as we speak getting ready to head out to the Spring Training facilities, but these few are stuck in limbo.

The players union urged the sides to come to a decision quickly for the sake of the players. The Dodgers alone have at least four of their major league players involved in the two reported trades.

The events of this last week have unfairly put several players’ lives in a state of limbo. The unethical leaking of medical information as well as the perversion of the salary arbitration process serve as continued reminders that too often players are treated as commodoties by those running the game.

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With the collective bargaining agreement set to expire soon, this isn’t exactly an encouraging step in improving relations between players and the league. The medical review of Twins’ prospect Brusdar Gaterol resulted in the Red Sox halting the trade after it was initially reported.

While most reporters seem to think the trade will still go through, it does not seem to be happening quickly enough.

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  1. I voiced my displeasure on the mookie bets rental.

    Although at this point I will put no pressure on the dodgers as I believe the front office has done little wrong from my understanding the Red Sox are holding up the deal with the medical examination.

    How I wish the dodgers would have just paid to play instead of shifting around young talent to get this deal done. I believe we should have paid out of pocket for free agents and already have a pretty solid lineup, along with preserving the future and a bunch of studs reporting for Spring training.

    In this arena the dodgers have to make sure they get betts before they ship joc Peterson off to the angels I understand stand that…

    I understand this agreement what I don’t understand is why we are shipping off Ross stripling and joc Peterson for ( nobody ) in order to make Room for Betts.
    Once again the dodgers won’t just pay to play.

    You wanna ship off Joc and Ross stripling get something for them… I can’t see how this deal will have benefited the team and not your stockholders. Once again billions of Dollars a year are what you and the stockholders control.
    It’s not like you using that financial flexibility to go all in on free agents so why ship off chalk pietersen and Ross stripling for nothing???

    Joc could easily slide over into left field If needed platoon him with Beaty or Hernandez or Taylor…
    but O for the century pollick could go to any team on the planet (if you wanted to actually cut dead weight) for all I care. I am sure there are not too many takers with the Stupid salary that Andrew and his statistics driven FO paid him.
    Anyways here we are taking in Red Sox payroll and Renting for the sake of renting feels very similar but we are renting.
    Instead of paying for exactly what we need pitching a 3rd baseman.
    Welcome to 2020 Dodgers baseball where it feels like a Dumb and Dumber sequel.
    As long as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are running this team I am afraid this kind of weirdness will continue to be the norm.

    1. It might feel better when they win a world series. This latest sequence of trades involved the loss of only one young prospect, Verdugo. May, Gonsolin, Lux, etc. We’re all shielded. So the young core for the future is intact. I’ll agree that the Dodgers could have got more for Pederson and Stripling. Since Pederson lost his arbitration case, he just got alot cheaper. They may just want to keep him. He looks pretty cheap now for a 36 home run guy. I’m not sure if the Angels trade is voidable if the Sox deal falls through. As for the Sox, Twins, cut the Twins out of the deal, send Maeda to the Sox, and tell the Sox to make their own Maeda trade for a young pitcher, if that’s what they want.

  2. This trade won’t happen the Redsox want more and it’s going to have to come from us because the Twins don’t have jack sht except Graterol and I doubt we include more young players

  3. Whenever the players union gets involved, they always make it worse. Cut Minnesota out of the deal. Send Maeda directly to the Sox. Done.

    1. That deal with Angels appears contingent on the Betts trade getting done as far as I know. But I concur fully with Dodger Blue that Dodgers potentially are getting a big FAT ZERO for dealing of Joc and Stripling.

  4. Players union didn’t seem “outraged” enough to hold Astros individual players accountable for cheating…phony indignation.

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