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Dodgers: MLB Super Agent Scott Boras Wants Baseball on Christmas Day

At a time when no one really knows what’s going on with anything, Major League Baseball is working to figure out when teams can get together and play again.

As service time concerns are being sifted through and schedule ideas are being thrown around, MLB super agent Scott Boras says he has a plan.

Let’s play the World Series on Christmas Day.

In Boras’ pitch, the MLB season would play its full 162 games, and the playoffs would go on as usual… Just in December, not October. Here’s more from the LA Times.

[Boras] believes a June start is “well within the vision of what could be,” and said he has submitted proposals to Major League Baseball for a 162-game season that would begin June 1 and a 144-game season that would start July 1.

Both feature a playoff schedule that would run Dec. 3-26, complete with wild-card games, five-game division series, seven-game championship series and a seven-game World Series. Postseason games would be played in eight domed stadiums and three Southern California stadiums.

The more thought you give it, the more you might actually start to be on board.

If all of us here want baseball, it will come with some sacrifices for sure. Whether it’s teams not playing in their home ballparks or even in empty stadiums, there will be radical changes from the norm upcoming. And radical could be an understatement for the often conservative MLB.

“We have it all mapped out. It’s workable. We’ve done climate studies, and in Southern California, the average temperature in December is 67 degrees, which is better than late March and early April in most cities. We have 11 stadiums we could play postseason games in. I’m gonna get my neutral-site World Series after all.” – Scott Boras

Moreover, in the opinion of Boras, players want to play all games and that’s understandable. So much for a professional baseball player is based around time spent on the active roster and games played. And with players like Mookie Betts in platform seasons as they head toward free agency, a desire to put together 162 games worth of stats means the world.

All this said, the idea of a full season and baseball into the winter months really doesn’t seem likely. There are just way too many variables — from playing in neutral cities, pushing the next season back, altering the free agency period, etc. — for the conservative MLB to consider. More likely expect a reduced schedule and early empty ballparks at minimum.

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  1. What about the November games? Would they be all neutral site as well? It’s not like the November weather is much above the mid to upper 40s in all the northern cities. And how would the TV networks like the World Series running up against the NFL playoff season?

  2. I would absolutely hate it. Watching infielders and outfielders all covered up like a polar bear, shivering, bouncing from one foot to the other to try from losing a foot to frostbite as if it were the Battle of the Bulge but only in America this time. Pitchers blowing on their hands, catchers “hoping” to not catch a foul ball off the wrists or the fingers. Maybe this will be a good year for the White Sox. Their fans would never see a “home” game at U.S. cellular field. Nooooooo. Terrible idea.

    I love baseball but America will be in football mode, talking about Tom Brady and what it must be like to have to play in that ugly Buccaneers uniform. Basketball will be coming up to speed for their 2020-2021 season. Half of America will somehow still be engaged by the new Russian agent charges drummed up against the Big Gecko following the November election no matter how that goes. Noooooo. Awful idea.

    I have been a baseball fan since the days of missiles in Cuba. Boras wants his mega-bucks. That’s all this is. Boras really does not have any great love for baseball beyond what it does for him personally. Manfred is a wealth of bad ideas ~ relief pitcher rules, more marginal teams in the play-offs, and so on. FUBAR, is what this would be.

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