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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Confirms He’ll Rehab Hip Injury, No Surgery on the Table

After an up and down season, battling through injury after injury, there was concern that Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts might have to undergo an offseason operation on his ailing hip. He had multiple cortisone injections during the season, the second of which helped keep him on the field through the playoffs.

On Wednesday, Mookie confirmed what Andrew Friedman said a week earlier… he won’t be going under the knife.

Per’s Juan Toribio, Mookie added that he has one more checkup coming up but everything has come back “positive.”

“It feels great. I don’t foresee any type of surgery at all. I have to get a checkup one more time to make sure everything is going good, but right now, yeah, everything is going great.”

Mookie hit just .264 in the first full year of the 12-year, $365 million extension he signed with the Dodgers. All told, he still got on base at a solid clip (.367) and slugged a decent amount (.487), but the 131 wRC+ he posted was his lowest since a down 2017 season. He went on to win the AL MVP the following season in 2018, so here’s hoping for a similar outcome next season.

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Turkeys by Mookie

Betts and his soon-to-be-wife Brianna spent their Wednesday afternoon teaming with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and Brotherhood Crusade to distribute holiday dinners for 1,000 families.

“I finally got to a spot in life where I can give back,” Mookie said, “and you just never know whose day you can affect with what you can do.”

The 29-year-old has already done amazing work for the LA community since joining the Dodgers in 2020. His charity initiative “50 Feeds LA” through Acts Inspired by Mookie (AIM) and the LADF awarded a grant of $100,000 to Brotherhood Crusade to help provide 400,000 meals for black and brown communities in Los Angeles.

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    1. Yep, I would think he would have a better year next year. Mookie missed votes for MVP and didn’t win a SS or GG award for first time since 2017 in which he won the GG but not the SS.

  1. Trade him now. We need the money and depth he could bring the team by trading him,
    more then we need him, he will never live up to the contract.

    Heck, Adam Duvall brought more production for much less and was more than adequate defensively.

    Just think with trading trerea and betts could get you a hader and yelich and a utility player from the brewers.

    And Jose Rameriz and a pitcher from cleveland.

    OR buxton and garver and more from the twins,

    and…. well you can on and on.

    Then you have the money to sign some big free agents.

    1. Shut up. You must be drunk or high on something. We would have not won the World Series if Mookie didn’t sigh with us genius.

      1. If the dodgers hadn’t signed mookie they would have signed someone else like NL MVP harper, and still won a world series.

        Mookie is not needed. He is just big long contract that will never pay off.

        Genius is understanding he isn’t the only player in world that could have helped the dodgers. Especially for money they paid, and they could held on to verdugo and downs. Now wouldn’t verdugo and harper help the dodgers as much or more than mookie? and still have downs and connor to trade instead of trading ruiz?

        You’re right, I am a genius.

      2. Here’s another genius move.

        go after an outfielder or two this gives you the opportunity to play bellinger back at first at least some of the time.

        go hard after suzuki.

        or even castellanos, or conforto.

        even Joc would be an upgrade over souza and mckinney.

      3. Also go after Bryant that gives you an outfielder and a third baseman.

        go after iglesias the infielder
        go after iglesias the reliever
        go after melancon the reliever

        When you the have money you can go after free agents that would be an upgrade over what they had. But they need to trade some big contracts (trea and betts, maybe pollock) and not resign players like sherzer and kershaw.

      4. How about a trade of betts (or turner ) to the reds for winkler and castillo and maybe suarez and who knows.

        lots of possiblities for trades

  2. Kiermaier would also be upgrade over mckinney and souza, can play center, though he wouldn’t be a big offensive upgrade he still a lot better than mckinney and souza, and wouldn’t cost much.

    maybe a trade for him and lowe that would give you a 2b as well.

    I hear Soto may be available now or in the future and he is interested in moving to the west coast.

    Possibilities are out there that would be a big improvement over what they have or had.

  3. If the dodgers stay the course 2022 will a lot like 2021.

    Win a lot games , go nowhere, with way over priced pitchers, and with a manager that make the same mistakes, and lose another SS to free agency.

    Oh, by way, get rid or prices contract as well that will be a big help to get them some money for free agents.

    Price and prospect for keirmaier and lowe? Would they be willing?

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