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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Featured in New Call of Duty Warzone Promo

The Dodgers are well known for being very into video games during their downtime. During the postseason bubble, Cody Bellinger even brought his gaming monitor with him to the hotel to fill his time between highlight-reel moments.

So when the Dodgers had a player featured in the popular Call of Duty Warzone campaign, it was likely a big moment around the clubhouse. Warzone just came out with a new map across all platforms that has gamers filling up the servers this weekend. 

Funny enough, Betts was featured alongside Lakers star Dennis Schröder. The Dodgers outfielder apparently partners up with Schröder whenever he plays the game, which is a pretty cool thought. Watch as Betts’ swing makes an appearance in the promo.

Does Mookie Betts actually spend his downtime playing video games? I have no idea, but his Dodgers teammates certainly do. Imagine getting put into a gaming lobby that features Mookie and Schröder. 

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