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Dodgers: Mookie Betts is Fed Up With the Vegan Jokes

Baseball fans have a funny way of trying to break slumps for hitters. Dodgers fans are certainly guilty of that. You can think back to when Cody Bellinger had the long hair and couldn’t seem to find a hole in the defense. Fans in Los Angeles were immediately calling for him to shave it off. 

But last year, Dodgers fans made another connection to a slump. That was with Mookie Betts right after he talked about being vegan. From there, the jokes and shots at Mookie and his diet have not stopped. And now they’ve carried over to the 2022 season. 

But in speaking with Bill Plunkett, Mookie revealed that’s not even a valid excuse for fans to turn to. The Dodgers outfielder is apparently not eating vegan right now, but rather just watching his diet very closely. 

“You can tell them – I do eat steak. Now what’s the next excuse when I don’t hit?”

So what is Mookie eating lately? Well, it sounds like he has taken a page out of the Dodgers handbook for some of their players. He’s avoiding dairy and doing whatever he can to only eat healthily. 

“It really came from dairy and egg yolks. So I don’t do either of those It’s real. I don’t know why people freak out. I don’t think steak had anything to do with me hitting but call it whatever you want to call it. … It’s just good that I’m healthy.”

So there it is Dodgers fans, you can stop with the steak jokes. Betts got off to a very slow start to the season, but he has stepped it up over the last 4 games. He has gone 6-for-15 with 5 runs scored batting at the top of Los Angeles’ lineup.

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