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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Likely to Avoid Offseason Operation on Hip

In positive news from this offseason so far, it looks like Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts will thankfully avoid going under the knife this winter. First, the 2021 All-Star missed several weeks while dealing with a hip issue that, when he wasn’t on the injured list, limited him to second base for a couple stretches.

He received a pair of cortisone injections during the season that ultimately kept him healthy enough to play through the playoffs.

After the season, there was concern that Mookie might still have to undergo an operation to clean up the issue in his hip. Last week, Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic got the update from Andrew Friedman at the GM meetings in Carlsbad.

That’s great news for Mookie who will be able to treat this offseason as normally as possible. The former AL MVP had a down year by his standards but still posted an .854 OPS with 23 home runs over 122 games. His 4.2 bWAR was fourth-best on the Dodgers. 

Betts will be entering the second year of a 12-year deal with LA in 2022. 

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    1. BFD. Arthroscopic surgery is no big deal. These days, it seems that surgery almost always helps. However, there always seems to be people who are afraid of surgery, just like there are those that are afraid of vaccines. I say “man up.”

      1. Get back under your bed scaredy cat. I’m un vaxxed and coming to your town.

        Man up!

  1. Players don’t want to have surgery during their off time, I’ll predict a surgery around June at the latest.

  2. Get rid of him. His big contract is an albatross around the neck of the dodgers. He will never live up to it. He hasn’t yet. And no big long contract should ever go beyond age 34 or 35.

    I would much rather have had verdugo and signed Harper to a long contract plus millions to spend elsewhere, than have betts, (over) Price(d) and no verdugo.

    And unfortunately they also lost Ruiz for a couple of temporary players who didn’t deliver a champoiionship,

    1. WTF is wrong with you? Mookie helped us win the WS in 2020. He deserved the contract that he signed with us.

    2. Dodgers would not have made it to the WS in 2020 if not for Mookie. He’s elite and will be back. Worth every penny imo.

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