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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Nabs Top Spot on MLB’s Top-100 Plays of 2020

It’s that time of year where everyone is putting together their best of the best lists for the 2020 season. Even with the short year, there was no shortage of stand out plays made around the league. And according to MLB Network, Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts had the play of 2020.

The throw in Arizona.

Mookie reared back and fired a seed to third base to cutdown Ketel Marte’s attempted triple, and he made it look easy.


Here’s what writer Will Leitch had to say about the throw.

His initials aren’t M.L.B. for nothing. Betts has amazed us so much that the bar is pretty high for him to do something jaw-dropping. But when you do what he did against the D-backs at Chase Field on July 31, jaws drop. Marte blooped a ball down the right-field line and into the corner, where Betts picked it up and made a 305-foot throw right on the money to easily get Marte trying for a triple. And Marte is no slouch on the basepaths — according to Statcast, his sprint speed on the play was 28.3 feet per second (27 feet per second is the MLB average).

In Mookie’s first campaign in blue, he dazzled early and often. And, again, he made it look easy. In fact, teammate Walker Buehler noted how easy Betts made that play look recently, saying that the outfielder “just didn’t seem that excited about it.” That the play “felt very pedestrian” to Mookie while his teammates were all “kind of dumbfounded” by what they had just saw.

So Mookie brings a World Series home to LA, wins another Gold Glove, and secures the top spot in a top-100 plays list in his first season. Not a bad opening act.

Cody Bellinger’s NLDS home run robbery off the bat of Fernando Tatis and Mookie’s NLCS LFG leaping catch at the wall placed in the top 10.

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