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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Placing the Focus on His Team Rather Than the Padres

The San Diego Padres spent the entire offseason dedicated to making their team better than the Dodgers. And for a minute, it looked like they might be on the right path. Then Los Angeles swooped in and signed the biggest free agent on the market ahead of the 2021 season. 

Because of this back and forth, Dodgers players and coaches have been asked frequently about their thoughts on the revamped Padres. The general consensus is something along the lines of “those guys are good and it should be a fun season”. 

But for Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts, he falls into the same thought process as Dave Roberts. Mookie spoke with am570 this week about what he expects from San Diego and he just seems happy to have a team to help push Los Angeles to be better. 

I think any big league team is gonna push us. Anybody can win at any given time. We know that they’re good. … It’s going to be a battle. But we can’t just focus on the Padres. There’s a lot of good teams out there. They’re going to be good for a long time. But we are too. Like I said, it’s not just the Padres. There’s a lot of good teams out there. We can’t just focus on one team. We’ve got to focus really on ourselves and playing our game. -Dodgers OF Mookie Betts
The Padres went out and got Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, and Joe Musgrove to add to their starting rotation. They followed that up by adding Mark Melancon and Keone Kela to the bullpen. Those massive moves would have any other team in baseball worried about winning their division, but the Dodgers are set.
Los Angeles added in Trevor Bauer which was huge for their bullpen and rotation. But they also get the usual suspects back in the lineup on a daily basis after adding Justin Turner, which was huge. It should be a very fun battle out west, but don’t expect the Dodgers to worry too much just yet. 

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    1. It wasn’t MLB, it was the MLPA’s decision. It all has to do with the upcoming bargaining sessions.

      1. It was MLPA’s decision because of what MLB wanted in exchange. That being a delayed start to ST and regular season with no guarantees of a full season’s salary if games had to be canceled or the season being put on hold. The MLBPA didn’t care for that kind of trade off as condition of having the Universal DH. But BOTH sides know that it IS a health an safety concern with pitchers, although Manfred and Co. don’t believe so.

        1. It’s bigger than that though. And it doesn’t bode well for the next bargaining period. Neither group wants to give an inch. I’m beginning to think there will be a work stoppage. We’re going to go back to seeing billionaires fighting with millionaires over the pie. Sad really.

    1. The Union would NEVER agree to dumping the DH. And as Tim said, there may very well be a work stoppage as a result of MLB’s hard line stance here in 2021 as far as the DH as well as other issues and honestly it’s too bad if there’s a strike in 2022 but it might serve Manfred right.

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