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Dodgers: Mookie Betts to Resume Baseball Activity This Week

The Dodgers have been without Mookie Betts since August 7th. He took 4 at-bats in that game before having to hit the injured list with his lingering hip issue. It took the team a little longer to actually place him on the IL, but it didn’t really end up making a difference. 

Since then, the Dodgers have sent Mookie to other doctors to look at what is going on with his hip. The feedback seems to be that he developed bone spurs which lead to pain in his hip. That generally requires surgery, which could be an option in the offseason. 

But for now, the goal is to get Mookie back into the lineup and finish the year with him. And the good news is that the Dodgrs outfielder is trending in the right direction. Dave Roberts confirmed that he would be back to baseball activities as soon as Thursday, which is a big step 

But Doc isn’t ready to put a date on his return to action. 

I don’t want to put a date on Mookie, but the body is moving well in the weight room. We’ll see where that takes him.

When Mookie does return to the Dodgers lineup, they will have to continue to monitor that hip throughout the year. But with the season winding down and Los Angeles heading towards the playoffs, they shouldn’t have a huge issue with it. Hopefully. 

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The Dodgers have been able to survive without Mookie and win a lot of games, thanks in part to Trea Turner at the top of the lineup. But they are absolutely better when he’s right there in the heart of the order and out in right field. 

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  1. Betts get healthy, he would slide behind Trea Turner in the batting order. I’m hoping he can man his OF position because if they need to put him at 2nd, where does that put Trea, OF, more errors to come.

    1. Robin, Trea has expressed a preference to remain on the INF. But Betts will be at 2nd when Seager gets a day off and Trea thus goes to SS. But for Betts he needs to get that hip surgery IMMEDIATELY following the post season or if Dodgers don’t survive that WC one and done game. I’ve suggested that we simply need to take Robert’s comments with a grain of salt because that really is all one can do. Roberts won’t change his in game management no matter what.

      1. Roberts, Jansen, Bellinger need to go. I’d put Trea Turner at SS, let Seager walk especially if Bore-As asks for the universe. IMO, Seager is already out the door.

        1. Jansen’s contract is up after this season, as is CK’s. I hope Dodgers can extend Trea Turner and make him the full time SS next year. It’s been said by some that perhaps Seager wants to play closer to home so it’s very possible he’s gone after this year. But bottom line is Dodgers under no circumstances CANNOT let both Seager and Trea leave via FA. Trea Turner has only 1 year left on his current deal and the LAST thing any of us want to see is having been left with Lux to play SS by the time the 2023 season gets here.

          1. Seager is a Scott Boras guy so he’s gone. The dodgers will extend Turner during the off-season. Just like Mookie was.

  2. Just more ‘false hope’ to the fans.
    We’ve been burned too many times.
    Betts ‘brittle’ all of a sudden with (10) more
    years to go!

  3. There’s a good chance Mookie ends up pinch hitting the rest of the year. He’d be worth a roster spot just for that.
    Then if we make it as far as the W.S., he could DH in A.L. park. It looks obvious those bone spurs will continue to flare up until surgery.

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