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Dodgers: More Joe Kelly Drama, An Andrew Toles Update, Frank McCourt Resurfaces, and More!

The Dodgers just wrapped up a very successful week of games, winning 6 of 7 games an maintaining their lead in the NL West. But so much happened in between those wins, so let’s take a look back at the top stories from this past week.

The Dodgers’ week started with an unfortunate blast from the past when Frank McCourt’s name popped up again. Apparently McCourt is ruining his new soccer team just as badly as he runed our beloved Los Angeles baseball team. 

Dodgers: Frank McCourt is Ruining Another Sports Franchise

Brusdar Graterol is one of the biggest new names out of the bullpen, and he’s making quite the impact. The kid has caught the attention of fans and the media, but his teammates can’t believe what they’re seeing out of him either. We might have found something very special here. 

Dodgers Bullpen Mate Offers Assessment of Brusdar Graterol

There was a little bit more Joe Kelly this drama, now a few weeks from his appearance on the Big Swing podcast. Kelly’s wife Ashley took to Instagram to fire shots back at Lance McCullers Jr, who said publicly that Joe was afraid of Carlos Correa. 

Dodgers: Joe Kelly’s Wife Fires Back at an Astros Player

Andrew Toles will always be a fan favorite amongst the Dodgers faithful, no matter what. This week, we learned that the hearing from his trespassing violation and subsequent arrest has been pushed back. 

Dodgers: The Latest Update on Andrew Toles’ Legal Battle

The trade deadline for baseball is about a week away, and it’s not really clear what if anything the team will do. As for Dave Roberts, he likes exactly where his team is at right now. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Unsure if Los Angeles Needs to Make Moves Ahead of the Trade Deadline

Speaking of Dave, his hilarious reaction to the walk-off win from Saturday night is the most dad thing we have ever heard. Forever thankful for the responsible manager that Doc is. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ Hilarious Reaction to Cody Bellinger’s Confusing Walk-Off Homerun

All of that news and SO much more this week! Be sure to check back weekly for the most up-to-date information on your favorite baseball team.

Dodgers: Vin Scully Narrates Chill-Inducing Tribute to the Late Kobe Bryant



  1. Graterol may be the Future closer for the Dodgers.
    Can’t see what the Dodgers would need to trade for as the Bullpen has been a a positive force for the Dodgers this year and they have AJ Ramos at the alternate site wlong with Sborz in case they need more pitching. Rotation is beginning to come together. KErshaw looks great, Buehler is getting into shape, Urias has been spotty but is gaining invaluable experience. Stripling has had some rough starts and may need to get replaced. Gonsolin and May both deserve Rotation spots.
    Gonzalez looked good today in relief as has Ferguson.
    McCourt proving to be a lousy owner of a Sports Team I am Shocked!
    The Dodgers will never win the WS with Roberts as manager watching him misuse pitchers almost daily is incredibly frustrating., The only thing that saves him is the incredible talent on the Dodger roster. What happens when the Dodgers play teams with the same talent level?

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you said. Especially about Roberts. Has no feel for the game. The only area I would like to see is another Starter with Playoff experience. I love Gonsolin & May. Beside Walker & Kershaw they are pretty thin on Playoff experience for starters. Wood should have never been resigned. Stripling is not a starter. Stripling is just a slightly younger version of Kenta. Price opting out really put this rotation in a bad spot for the playoffs.

      1. Kershaw is “thin on playoff experience”? Which Kershaw are you referring to?

        Dodger starters are solid for the playoffs, as is the entire team.

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