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Dodgers Mourn the Loss of Legendary Pitcher Ron Perranoski

Another day, another Dodgers legend gone too soon. Just a day after the team announced Sweet Lou Johnson had passed, they announced another loss this afternoon. Long-time reliever Ron Perranoski was a member of the team for 8 years, and will always be remembered for his dominance. 

Perranoski made his debut with the Dodgers at 25-years-old in 1961. He won two World Series championships, including the 1965 title alongside Sweet Luo. In 1963, he earned MVP votes in what would be the most effective season of his career. He made 69 appearances that season, pitching 129 innings to the tune of a 1.67 earned run average.

Perranoski spent 8 years playing with the Dodgers before moving on to Minnesota. All told, he tallied 13 big leagues seasons spread out across 4 teams. He later spent his career as a pitching coach for the Dodgers, winning two more World Series championships in that role. 

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  1. Ron was definitely dominating. 1963 was his 16 win year. As a reliever! And he also had a couple years with Minnesota after us where he was the top reliever in the AL. Great pitcher, great coach. Sad to see him go.

  2. So sad to hear so many things happening to the Dodgers. Please Lord don’t let anything else happen this year. Hey Dodgers! Let’s win this for all of them, please.
    And I ask again what happened to the league drug testing? All of a sudden sandieggo is so powerful? Where’d this come from? Cardinals aren’t that bad to lose so badly. Somebody better start checking the preacher’s water. And they ain’t acting too saintly.

    1. The cardinals are that bad, a shell of an organization they remind me of the 90’s Dodgers

    2. If you had been watching the San Diego farm system and how highly rated it has been for the last 4 years, you would know why they’re so good. They have great scouts, and know how to draft and develop players. Tatis and Paddack were just the tip of the iceberg. They have also moved on the free agent front with guys like Machado, and made some good trades at midseason that barely tapped their farm system capital. San Diego will be even better next year. The annual division championship cake walk for the Dodgers is over. They will be seriously challenged by the Padres for at least the next 4 or 5 years. If the Dodgers don’t bring their A game against the Padres in the upcoming series, they could have an early off-season. These guys are for real. And it’s really not surprising at all.

  3. Lots of sacrifices happening all after the other, this just might be the year we win it all

  4. Remember Ron very well, really helped the Dodgers when he was on the Blue. RIP. 3 in a week and even the great Bob Gibson of the Cards. 2020 is turning out to be a crazy year. I will never forget it especially if we happen to win a Championship! As these players pass it reminds me of my own life knowing that I am in the same general age group. Hoping I get to see one more Championship!

  5. Remember Ron when he played for us. He was a big contributor to the Blue. RIP. 3 in one week is hard to take. Even the great Bob Gibson this week. What a crazy year 2020 has been. Will never forget especially if we can win a Championship.

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