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Dodgers Move On to the Championship Series With Dominant Win Over the Padres

The Dodgers and Padres went at it once again on Thursday night playing in Game 3 of the NLDS. Los Angeles was going for the series sweep while San Diego was trying their best to not get sent home early. 

Starting Pitcher Confusion

The Dodgers had Dustin May listed as their starter with many assuming they would change him out early. No one could have predicted how early they did switch him though, as Los Angeles let May go just 1 inning. After that, they turned things over to the bullpen to get things done. 

The Padres threw out Adrian Morejon to go after the team’s first win in the series. Morejon gave up 3 runs on just 2 hits and allowed a pair of walks. He left the game tied until the Dodgers came out swinging and put up a 5 spot in the 3rd. 

Dodgers Offense Explodes

It was a big night for the Dodgers offense and it came at a really good time. They also found a way to do it without hitting any homeruns either, as the entire lineup continues to find way to manufacture runs at Globe Life Field. The 5-run 3rd inning set the tone for the entire game and the Padres never stood a chance after that. 

Urias Impresses

Julio Urias came into the game as the bulk innings man for the Dodgers right after Adam Kolarek. Julio was sparkling in his lone NLDS outing, pitching 5 scoreless innings and striking out 6 Padres batters. Urias was THE reason that San Diego couldn’t manage scratch across a few runs just to make things close. 

Up Next

The Dodgers will stay right here at Globe Life Field for the National League Championship Series. They get to take on the Atlanta Braves who also just finished up a sweep of their own. The Braves ran through the Miami Marlins with relative ease and completed that sweep today. 

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  1. Favorite moment was the Bellinger/Tatis pseudo chest bump at second base. After all the chirping over the past few weeks it was good to have two of the top players in the game remind us that it is indeed a “game.”

    1. I agree. Machado is showing why the Dodgers did not sign him he is so immature. Machado is a 100 million dollar cry baby good riddance the Padres are stuck with him.
      Betts on the other hand continues to show why he is an MVP.
      I thought Urias was the key to this game.
      Smith showed how to hit. He had important hits to all areas of the field, left, right, center then repeat. Players can get big hits by going with the pitch. Pollock also had some very professional hits.
      I think this immense field is making the Dodgers bat with getting hits as the goal rather than continually swinging for the fences. Its fun to watch.

      1. Agree completely. The huge field AND the Dodgers accepting the fact that they can’t be successful swinging for the fences is the best thing that could have happened to them. Glad they are there for the duration. Now if they will just keep using the whole field.

      2. Absolutely agree. Last night, we watched our Dodgers click on all cylinders to do our offensive and defensive best. We brought our “A” game, and played ALOT of small ball to put an end to this in 3. Everybody did his part, but Smith’s bat was on fire and Urius…just wow! The Padres are a very good team and they are coming for us; after last night, however, the Padres know that they still have some work to do. There was none of that unrestrained bravado last night from Machado or anyone else for that matter. I enjoyed seeing Tatis and Bellinger have fun at second, as well as other instances of guys from both teams connecting because they knew and we knew we were moving forward to NLCS. GO DODGERS!!!!

  2. The big blue train is rolling. Anybody standing on the tracks will be FUBAR. Everybody hit in this game. Past postseason offensive woes are a thing of the past. Great game for Smith. So far the Dodgers aren’t just winning. They are running the table, and doing it in dominant fashion. This is the best Dodger team I’ve ever seen. And one of the best teams ever, if they can sustain their high level to the finish line. Go Dodgers!!!

    1. The pitching the Dodgers have shown with Urias, Buehler, Graterol, Kershaw has been impressive.
      Having Treinen that has been been a closer before is incredibly helpful with Jansen unable to perform efficiently.
      Love the hitting.

  3. Dodgers adjusted very well to Globe Life Park, as it is more pitcher frienfly than DS.. Notice all those HRs hit at DS between Astros and A’s. I think there were 3 o 4 balls Dodgers hit that would have been HRs at Ds. But pitching was stellar during this NLDS against Padres, with exception being KJ.

    1. Azul, its possible the Atlanta series could run 7 consecutive days. This will surely prove to be a test of the team, and, perish the thought, the manager. So far, I have no real issues with Roberts during this abbreviated season. Its not easy managing so many high-priced egos. Not having seen the Braves this year, I still favor the Dodgers in the series. I have not seen the team play this well on both sides of the diamond in many years. I am sure PR Jr. feels the same way. Have a safe and relaxing weekend!!!
      Go Blue!!!

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