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Dodgers: Multiple MLB Insiders Report Mookie Betts To Los Angeles Deal Gaining Steam

Lately, Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers has gained steam once again. In addition, president of baseball Andrew Friedman hinted at Dodgers’ Fanfest that more deals could be coming.

Remember, on Wednesday MLB insider Buster Olney gave it his personal rating of 8.5 on a 10 scale of taking place. Now Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are singing the virtues of of this very blockbuster going down.

First, take a look at the MLB Network video with Rosenthal.

Rosenthal says there are many moving parts. Also, there’s a contender for Betts’ services within the same division.

“When you talk about a trade of this magnitude, you’re talking about all kinds of combinations. Our understanding is that the Dodgers are quite serious, as the San Diego Padres are quite serious. Remember at the start of the week, I said this thing had some momentum. Now, I can’t predict for certain that it is going to result in a trade; but chances at this moment are perhaps better than they have been this entire off-season.”

By comparison, Jon Heyman was on his iPhone early Thursday morning reporting the reasoning behind the Dodgers ‘strongly’ in the mix. Take a look at his reasoning, and decide for yourself if this is enough for the Dodgers to pull the trigger.

Sometimes, it feels like MLB Insiders are like weatherman. Sensationalism seems to sell in terms of blockbuster trade talk. Therefore, they’re going to report stuff like this and highlight every possibility. Certainly talks are ongoing, but it’s truly hard to gauge how great the chances are of this actually happening.

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Up until now, there has been a ton of talk that has amounted to little substance. It does seem some traction is being gained, so that is a positive for those that want to see Betts in Los Angeles. And for those who are starved for a baseball championship, who wouldn’t be?

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  1. Hey Clint, call me when the deal is done. We’ll do lunch. Until then, it’s just more of the same rumors.

  2. trade lux and may already. getting tired of all these bs rumors. im sure this won’t get posted like my other comments. but just sick of these rumors all off season and had to vent

    1. Dodgers143, I am not sure Dodgers would deal both Lux and May for a 1 year rental because it pretty much means that we end up with zero after the 2020 season when Betts goes to Free Agency, which he plans on doing.

  3. I am not sure what to think about this deal but the talk is getting old. In all honesty, do any of you here actually believe this may happen? And remember, whatever Dodgers do give up in this proposed deal, it’s for a 1 year rental……

  4. Paul, if they were truly all in and already made a few big moves to this point it would be believable that the Dodgers would get him. Since we all know different, its just hype to keep the uninformed ticket spenders purchasing tickets.

  5. Omg we don’t need Betts n we sure as hell don’t need a washed up 34 year old pitcher at 32 mil for the next three seasons. I’m sorry but they should have given Lux and May and whoever else to Cleveland for Lindor and Cleavenger.

  6. I agree unless Betts signs a long term contract forget it You would basically giving up some good prospects for a one year rental hoping you win it all. Then what? Makes no sense.

  7. The greater our expectations for a deal of this caliber under [Guggenheim/Kasten/ Friedman], usually, the greater the disappointment when Friedman beats the “disciplined strategy” drum he routinely uses to hide the unwillingness of the ownership/FO team to take on long term payroll. I hope this is the exception that proves they were sincerely trying to build a WS winner. The last 3 years certainly have NOT indicated that this was the goal any longer.

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