Dodgers Nation Interviews: Matt Beaty

This week at Dodgers Nation, we got the opportunity to interview the newest Dodger, Matt Beaty!

The Rise

Matt Beaty had some really interesting things to say regarding his upbringing in the Dodgers organization that he was kind enough to shed some light on that he credited to help him get where he is:

“When you think of minor league baseball, you think you’re riding buses that don’t have AC and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before and after games, but that’s not how the Dodgers do it. They take care of their guys. We get good meals before and after the games.”

That is honestly such a great thing to hear. The Dodgers are already known to be part of the select group of elite organizations in Major League Baseball and Beaty’s take just proves that. In addition, Beaty discussed who he credits for his success and rise to the bigs: Jay Gibbons for his launch angle and gap power assistance and Terrmel Sledge for refining his approach. Beaty also seems to embrace the new age of analytics.

The Call

Beaty was hitting pretty will in Oklahoma City, posting a .789 OPS and .355 OBP to go along with two homers and ten RBIs. This is how he said he received the news from OKC Dodgers manager Travis Barbary that he was heading to San Francisco to join the Dodgers:

“He [Barbary] told me the news and I was excited. It was a long night with not a lot of sleep and an early flight the next following morning. A whirlwind of emotions”

Getting the call is a surreal moment for any professional and Matt Beaty was no exception.

The Pre-Game

Matt Beaty said he had a very meaningful conversation with Justin Turner prior the game. This is what he said:

“I had a good talk with JT before the game and he was just telling me about how to be prepared and be ready because an ‘off-day’ when you’re not in the starting lineup is not an off-day.”

That sounds JT-like and that is some fantastic advice for a rookie.

The On-Deck Circle

Beaty came into the on-deck circle with obvious poise and he discussed the grand stage he was thrust into:

“First three innings, I was just trying to soak it up. It’s Dodgers versus Giants, one of the biggest rivalries in baseball”.

The At-Bat

In Beaty’s first MLB at-bat, he singled up the middle against notorious Dodger killer, Ty Blach. Beaty provided some excellent context and insight regarding the moment all pros dream of.

“I was sitting heater first pitch”

Once he connected with a Ty Blach heater for the first base hit of his major-league career, Beaty explains what he felt:

“I just felt like I was floating running down the line.”

That has to feel good. Especially when a seasoned veteran like Brandon Belt congratulates you on your first base knock when you arrive at first base. Awesome moment.


For more of the interview, click the link to the Dodgers Nation YouTube channel above!

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  1. Could be that if you are just up from AAA and you are interviewed, you’re apparently headed back to OKC ; )

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