Dodgers Nation Roundtable: Should Alex Guerrero Or Juan Uribe Start?

Alex Guerrero, Juan Uribe

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To some fans, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a problem at third base. No, it’s not because of injury, or a player or players on the roster being unable to adequately play the position, but because the wrong person is starting.

At 36 years old, Juan Uribe’s start to the season has resembled nothing of his play to close out 2014, at least offensively. However to his credit, Uribe extended his modest hitting streak Friday to seven games with an RBI single that gave the Dodgers a 1-0 lead; it’s Uribe’s first RBI this year.

Also keep in mind the value Uribe still brings defensively, which is something the Dodgers’ revamped front office places an emphasis on.

As Uribe looks to hit his stride at the plate, sitting on the bench is $28-million investment Alex Guerrero. The Cuban native, once believed to be the answer at second base, has evolved into a utility man with a hot bat.

Guerrero is currently batting .474/.450/.1.211 with four home runs and 12 RBIs in 20 plate appearances over nine games. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has said replacing Uribe with Guerrero, who he’s labeled as the hot hand, would be premature.

On that same note, Mattingly allowed for change to possibly come down the line should results dictate as much. Is Mattingly making the correct decision? See what our Dodgers Nation staff had to say…

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  1. I think Guerrero should be playing right now, I’m not saying name him the full time starter, but I believe you ride the hot hand. See how long Guerrero can keep this up, if he does then it’s the right decision to have him in. I say let him prove he deserves to be in the lineup and if he starts cooling off or costing games, then let him come off the bench as a role player. But he needs to be in the lineup as of now.

  2. @JeffSpiegel Did you actually type that line about Juan Uribe being more valuable to the Dodgers than Adrian Gonzalez with the straight face? You don’t seriously believe that, because of a 4.0 WAR, do you? If you do, you should find a new line of employment. Gonzalez was the most valuable position player last season, a key offensive contributor to 50 wins. Uribe’s bat helped win 16 games. Your WAR comparison doesn’t pass the eye or smell test.
    Speaking of the eye test, Uribe looks terrible at the plate. Guerrero should start until his bat cools off, and then platoon.

  3. Let Guerrero play. He needs experience at third anyway so let him get it especially while he is swinging the bat well. We should use Uribe like we did Rojas last year as a defensive replacement late in the game. Uribe can also mentor & critique Guerrero on his defense

  4. It’s the transition that Uribe himself knows is coming.
    Mix them up a bit. Uribe is on his last year of his contract and he knows he will retire at the end of it. Guerrero full time might not work yet.

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