Dodgers Nation Staff: My Trip to Seattle

Since this is my first article here with Dodgers Nation, I thought it would only be right to properly introduce myself. Hi, my name is Amanda and it is so nice to meet you. *puts right hand out to embrace stranger’s hand*. I’m 21 years old and pretty much obsessed with baseball in general. I’m even trying to pursue a career in it. Not playing silly, but you can catch me in a Sports Law class multiple days a week as I’m the only girl in a Dodgers hat and flannel in the back row. It is an honor to have the privilege of sharing some of my thoughts with you and I look forward to getting to know you through comment sections as we all buckle down for what is going to be a roller coaster of emotions through the stretch of the season.

The Trip

This past weekend I got to go to Seattle and see the Dodgers play Friday night at SafeCo Field. If we are being completely honest, I really wanted to write about this because I personally would like to look back and think about the Dodgers on Friday night, not how they have played since. I was there mostly because I tagged along on my Dad’s business trip. You can thank that sweet man for my baseball love.

Thursday afternoon I took a tour of SafeCo and learned about it all. Their thirty-three-million-dollar scoreboard that was the largest in MLB until the Cleveland Indians stole their thunder and made an even bigger one, the LED lights that need to be changed out every thirty years, their history and I even admit, I stared for what was an awkward amount of time at all the Ken Griffey Jr. memorabilia.

So, walking into SafeCo Friday night was even more special. Just the day before, I was standing on the field with a small group of baseball lovers and now I was entering the gates with thousands ready to watch my favorite game. Entering through the Home Plate gate, I was greeted by the hundreds of bats that hung above me as the setting sun illuminated them like a beautiful chandelier. My Dad and I made our way to our seats down the third base line on the field level. We were there early to soak it all in. The anthem was sung, fighter jets blasted through the sky and fireworks were set off before the first pitch was ever caught at home. If that does not put you in a good mood for a baseball game, not much else will.

The Game

Want to know what eventually put me in an even better mood? The score that’s what! The Dodgers would eventually go on to win the game 11 to 1. Thanks to five moonshots hit by the boys in blue. Manny Machado accounted for two himself with Max Muncy, Matt Kemp and Yasmani Grandal handling the rest.

At one point the Mariners put in their own super utility man, Andrew Romine and ironically, he was their pitcher that managed to not allow a homerun. They did this in front of the third largest regular-season crowd in the history of SafeCo Field. I’d like to add that much of the crowd consisted of Dodger fans, so you’re welcome Mariners. Walker Buehler pitched a beauty as he went six innings allowed three hits, one earned run (which came on a solo shot), walked two and struck out eight. Dylan Floro and Zac Rosscup sealed the deal and led the Dodgers to another victory.

Reflecting on the game now only makes me wish those bats would come alive again. Or that somehow, they could have saved some of those extra runs for another game. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with Mariners fans and the staff at the ballpark. This baseball nerd sure loves it when guest service agents hold up signs preventing fans from walking to their seats until the inning is over. Thank you, Mariners, for that one.

An Incredible Stadium Experience

I was also incredibly impressed with all of the Dodger fans that showed up. I’m convinced no other organization has fans that dedicated and passionate about their team. Dodger fans were everywhere and loud, just how I like it when visiting an away ballpark.

To top off the victory, the Mariners had a sing-a-long firework show post game. I mean who doesn’t want to belt out Single Ladies, Don’t Stop Believing and Just a Friend with 46,000 fans most of which were a bit intoxicated. Needless to say, it was a blast (pun intended).

That’s about it for Seattle. I’ll just be sitting here waiting for the offense to come back alive so I can stop going to bed sad. Please and thank you Dodgers. Until next time!

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  1. Hi, Amanda … I’m glad to see someone so passionate about the game. Don’t be so “flowery” in your descriptions … you don’t have to call them “dingers”. Be more natural. As if you’re talking face-to-face with a friend. Be simple in your descriptions – like Vin Scully was – not overly dramatic … use the K.I.S.S. Method (keep it simple, stupid) … good luck

  2. Nice article Amanda! Always nice to meet anotger avid fan, and i look foreard to reading more from you.. is there a way to follow you here pr something?

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