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Dodgers Near the Trade Deadline With Elite Talent on the Radar

The Dodgers will always be one of the names involved in rumors for high-end talent. That sort of comes with the territory of being one of the best organizations in baseball. As the tea, heads into the trade deadline this week, things have changed, but just a little bit. 

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman talked with the OC Register about the team’s flexibility in 2020. The difference for the Dodgers this year is that there really isn’t a glaring need to fill on the roster. 

I think from our standpoint we’re not viewing this deadline in a way that we have an acute need that we need to go out and address. Our mindset is to be opportunistic in that if a really good player becomes available and fits and works, then we’ll be aggressive to pursue. But we feel really good about our roster and also the depth behind it. So we’re mindful not to do something just to do it and block guys that deserve an opportunity.

The Dodgers enter Sunday afternoon with a record of 25-10. That would be the equivalent of roughly a 68-27 pace for a regular season. That being said, there are obviously very few glaring needs. But that certainly hasn’t stopped them from going after guys in the past. 

Kind of similar to our approach at all the various trading cycles – we don’t want to miss out on a premium talent that gets moved without having a conversation…It’s definitely unusual, I think in part because 2020 has been so unusual and in part because of all the teams that are within shouting distance of a playoff spot.

The Dodgers picked up Yu Darvish ahead of the 2017 deadline, carrying them to the World Series. They also scooped up Manny Machado in 2018, another guy that helped them get to the World Series. But whether or not someone of that talent is even available this year remains to be seen. MLB’s new playoff format likely has more teams opting to hold or even buy at the deadline that ever before.  

There are, of course, names that have been floated around over the last few days. Whit Merrifield is a name that pops up every year, but the Royals have insisted they would like to keep him around. Lance Lynn will almost certainly be dealt, but the Dodgers also would not overpay for his services.

Hanser Alberto could give the Dodgers an upgrade against left-handed pitching. The Pirates Phillip Evans could also do the same for them. They might even consider going after the Rangers’ Isiah Kiner-Falefa. This year truly is a mystery. 

Teams have until noon this Monday to make any last-minute trades, per MLB’s new deadline. 

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  1. This writer either is poor in math, or made typographical booboo. And if it was the latter, he forgot to double check his report. So, how does 25-10 translate to 68-27 for the regular season? Just askin…

        1. Well, I’m still trying to figure out if 2+2 = 4 or not. Be that as it may, It’s really really hard for me to get excited about this season. And I have followed the Dodgers for over 65 years, before they came to LA. My parents were born and raised in Brooklyn and moved to LA 1946. As a baseball purist, it’s just hard for me to wrap myself around what’s going on in 2020.

  2. As Friedman states they do not want to block a player that deserves an opportunity. Gonsolin is already not being utilized. So far signing Wood was a mistake as the Dodgers have May in his spot. Gonsolin is on the side lines with other rookies attempting to prove their worth such as Gonzalez, White, Gray etc.
    Signing Lynn or another pitcher would be counter productive with the over-flow of young arms the Dodgers have going forward. As they probably would be starting Price if he hadn’t opted out this year May probably would not have been given his opportunity nor would Gonsolin. Stripling must be very close to losing his spot as he had a lead last night and could not get through the fifth inning AGAIN.
    The great thing for the Dodgers is they can use the next 25 games to continue to allow young arms to gain experience for the future. May, Urias, Graterol, Gonsolin, Gonzalez, White are all benefiting from it.
    Lux does not look like a top prospect so far at the plate.

    1. In hindsight signing Wood looks like a mistake but he was signed as a hedge in case everything went badly and it cost the club next to nothing. Fortunately everything did not go badly so he sits on the sidelines. Does anybody really believe he’s still injured?

      I don’t know about White and bet he gets traded. Gray is still a year away.

  3. Just curious if anybody knows the answer to this question. Instead of making a trade for another pitcher with playoff experience. Could price opt back for n for the reminder of the season? I’m not saying that should happen just interested if I hat was a possibility.

  4. Has anyone looked at the numbers of the dodgers traded last year. Alex. 290 and playing great. But the one that makes me crazy. Kenta. All he does is throw and win. Boy do I miss him. I know we were overstocked but he is a dodger through and through.

  5. Steve- He means relative to the amount of the completed season. We’ve played 35 games, about 58% of season. This translates to about 95 games in a regular season, hence 68-27 and the 0.714 winning percentage.

    1. Thanks ?. I thought about that after I wrote my comment. I probably need to go back to school. Haven’t had any math courses in over 55 years. I think it’s time to brush up on numbers.

  6. Don’t need nothing but a good manager.Dodgers acquired good players with nothing to show for let the youngsters play,stop platooning players,trade ROBERTS for a peanuts vendor and hire Mike Sciocia and watch DODGERS win 3 or 4 world series in next 6 years.

    1. The game has changed dramatically, Scioscia is an old school dinosaur, he would fit in as Dodger manager about as well if you signed Tom Niedenfeur to be their closer.

  7. Steve the writer is doing fine. you need to understand whats going on before commenting. obliviously we are playing a little less than a 1/3 of the season. 25 x 2.7 = 67.5 (68 wins)
    10 x 2.7 is 27.

  8. With the Padres dealing, the Dodgers need Lynn. San Diego is serious about winning the NL West.

  9. The failed Angel trade of Stripling and Pederson appears to have affected their enthusiasm when playing for us. If Stripling is blocking Gonsolin from the active roster, then he needs to be dealt if he can’t be transferred to the alternate site. I sure wish we had Toles in left against righties instead of Joc, who just can’t hit for a high enough average IMO. Also, give Lux another few games to perform up to expectations or send him down and bring up McKinstry.

  10. I think getting an LF should be a priority. We have a lot of players to trade (Kiké, Joc, Wood, Ross maybe).
    I would like the Dodgers to exchange Kiké, Joc, Wood, Ross and Alexander for a very good LF and a very good reliever (like Josh Hader).
    I don’t know if we need an SP. Although there are many young players. But I am very satisfied with Kershaw-Buehler-May-Gonsolin (and even with Urías) for the playoffs.
    The bullpen is good, but I don’t know. In the playoffs, against the best teams, it will be more difficult. I would like to end a game with Hader + Jansen. Game close in the World Series, in the 8th inning. I would like to have 2 “closers”. And Dodgers can make that happen without damage.

  11. If I had my way? I’d trade Pederson, Kiki, replace with youth. The pitching isn’t ready yet, another starter would certainly help. I doubt we will ever win the World Series with Roberts at the helm, he proved he’s lacking judgement with pitching. I believe we should have won at least one W. S. probably Both. Another real weakness is Austin Barnes arm, he could cost us dearly in the playoffs.

  12. Does anyone know what’s going on with Yasiel Puig? Maybe the Dodgers can resign him cheap. The wild horse was exciting.

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