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Dodgers: New Batter’s Eye Drama May be Coming to an End with One Simple Fix

After a $100 million renovation in the extended offseason, the last thing Dodger brass wanted to hear was players complaining about the visuals at Dodger Stadium. Still, early on hitters haven’t been too fond of the new batter’s eye at the park — particularly Max Muncy.

A night after seeing Justin Turner walk off the field looking noticeably upset about that batter’s eye, we saw the first set of changes put in place for Friday night’s intrasquad game.

Yes, the old familiar tarps are back over the bottom rows of the pavilion sections and it seemed to pay immediate dividends according to manager Dave Roberts.

I guess that ‘no news is good news’ as far as from the hitters. You didn’t hear any complaining and I think that putting the tarps on both sides certainly helps the situation. So I think that’s definitely a good step in the right direction — just kind of speaks to the continuity with the organization and the players.

No news is good news indeed.

Roberts, Muncy, and even reigning NL MVP Cody Bellinger have been outspoken about the struggles with the new batter’s eye. Additionally — and thankfully — they’ve said that the organization is listening and actively open to any changes the players feel they need to at least safely see the baseball coming out of the pitcher’s hand.

And with this, it seems like they’re following through. Moreover, on Saturday, Roberts continued on to say that the club isn’t through making enhancements.

There’s a little bit of a higher gloss paint, and so from what I’ve heard it’s going to be more of a matte finish, but I don’t know if that’s 100% done. Just to kind of mute that background paint as well.

Pitcher Alex Wood added his two cents to the mix with a tongue in cheek “anything that’s bad for the hitters is good for me” and followed up with the same sentiment as Roberts saying he hadn’t heard anybody talk about issues anymore.

So, while more could be coming, this batter’s eye saga may soon be officially laid to rest. Props to the Dodger organization for quickly listening to their players and implementing changes for their safety.

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