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Dodgers: New GM Brandon Gomes Turned Down Multiple Front Office Jobs to Stay with LA

Brandon Gomes was officially introduced as the Dodgers general manager in a remote press conference on Thursday morning. The one-time Tampa Bay Rays reliever is the first Dodgers general manager since Farhan Zaidi left for the Giants in the winter of 2018.

During the press conference, team president Andrew Friedman revealed that Gomes has turned down multiple front office job opportunities with other teams in the past.

“And I will say that at every turn, Brandon’s response was always the same, which is: ‘No thanks. I want to be with the Dodgers.’ … So it makes it even that much more special today, to reward him in this way.”

Friedman mentioned that some of those offers were for both assistant general manager and general mangers roles with rival clubs.

Friedman on Gomes’ Fast Track to GM

Gomes has risen through the ranks quickly on the Dodgers baseball operations team. Gomes started as the Dodgers pitching coordinator before graduating to the team’s director of player development. He was then promoted to assistant general manager in 2019. Now, Gomes is Friedman’s right hand man.

Friedman commented on Gomes’ fast track to the big chair. 

“I agree that it has been a quick ascension, I could argue it could have been even quicker. His ability to connect with people and what stems from that…just how curious he was as a player and how curious he is now in this role…his natural leadership qualities, you put all that together and it’s a pretty rare executive profile.”

Final Thoughts

Having played so recently, Gomes last pitched in 2015, the former reliever is in-tune with the chemistry of a modern-day MLB clubhouse. Chemistry, not roster talent, is what makes a good team a great team. Gomes will have a major hand in ensuring locker room harmony.

In the end, Gomes always knew that he wanted to stay inside the Dodgers organization.

Just seven years after his playing career ended, Gomes is now the general manager of a perennial title contender.

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  1. Good. He deserves it! Does this mean Dave is gone because I truly believe he makes the stupidest decisions! GO DODGERS!!

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