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Dodgers News: 111 Win Season Ranks Near Top Of Dave Roberts Career Accomplishments

To record the most wins in franchise history, especially for an organization like the Dodgers, is no easy feat. Despite the season coming to a screeching halt in the NLDS, it doesn’t take anything away from Dave Roberts and the fantastic season the team had.

The Dodgers looked like they were having fun all season long but soon injuries and a questionable pitching rotation resulted in the demise of the team. It’s hard to top the feeling of winning the 2020 World Series but it’s back to trying to achieve the same goal again next season.

There’s still time left to enjoy the off-season and Roberts opened up about where he ranks this accomplishment among the rest (via MLB Network).

“It’s up there. Certainly being the last team standing in 2020 was right at the top. But I think if you look at the body of work that we accomplished this year, it’s right below winning a championship,” Roberts said. “I’m just excited that our organization — the staff, the coaches, the players — get highlighted being a finalist. And it’s kind of like the Academy Awards.”

In a league as competitive as the MLB, there’s nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the little things. Or in this case, a big thing like 111 wins.

“We’ve already won right now. I’ve already won. And I’m just excited about the consistency. There’s a lot of talk about baseball and the quality of the game. But I can say for the Dodgers and seeing our guys play every night, it’s a quality effort and a quality product we put out there every single night. And baseball fans and Dodger fans, I know, should be pretty proud.”

As sports fanatics, we sometimes get too easily entwined in the idea of championships setting the standard for success. In most cases this is true, but winning any championship is nothing short of close to impossible.

The Dodgers will be right back in the race again with the help of Roberts and company.

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  1. N. d Santa Cruz.

    Roberts isn’t the coach, he’s the manager. There’s a difference.

  2. So, he takes credit for regular season, but the playoffs are the player’s fault.

    I don’t believe you have it both ways

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