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Dodgers News: 2014 Schedule Features Australia Trip Against DBacks

As the 2013 regular season winds down, major league baseball announced the tentative schedule for the upcoming 2014 season as the Dodgers will be apart of the first two regular season games in Sydney, Australia.

The games will be played from March 22-23 against the Arizona Diamondbacks before the Dodgers return back to the United States and play the Padres in San Diego on March 31.

Opening day at Dodger Stadium will be April 4 against the Giants, while the Dodgers play the AL Central for interleague play in the upcoming season.

Here are some other highlights from the schedule:

  • AL Central games at Dodger Stadium: Tigers (7/8-7/9), White Sox (6/2-6/4), Indians (6/30-7/2)
  • AL Central road games: at Twins (4/29-5/1), at Kansas City (6/23-6/25), at Tigers (7/8-7/9)
  • Ryan Braun and the Brewers: August 15-17
  • Angels series: 8/4-8/5 at Dodger Stadium and 8/6-8/7 at Angel Stadium
  • Last home stand: 8/22-8/24 vs. Giants and 8/26-8/28 vs. Rockies

The Dodgers will have their first long home stand from April 14-27 against the Diamondbacks, Phillies and Rockies before leaving on a road trip through Minnesota, Miami and Washington D.C that ends May 7.

At the end of May, the Pirates will be in town for a four-game series as the Dodgers play 16 of their 29 games in the month away from Dodger Stadium. June sees the Dodgers play three teams in the AL Central and they’ll also have two four-game series with the Reds and Cardinals.

The All-Star game is played at Target Field in Minnesota this year and the Dodgers will host the Padres for four games leading up to it and will have a nine-game road trip immediately following it. In August, there’s an even split of home and road games before September is loaded with NL West games.

Overall, the Dodgers schedule seems to be balanced as May and July will be road heavy, but the they’ll end the 2014 season with six games at Dodger Stadium.


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