Dodgers News: 2019 Las Vegas Season Win Total Posted

An interesting number was released at Caesar’s Palace for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2019 season win ‘total’. The sports book in Las Vegas had just two teams listed with a higher opening win total in the over and under stakes posted available. Moreover, the Dodgers had the highest total of any team in the National league.

Take a look at the Dodgers’ total below, along with every other team in baseball if you would like.

Los Angeles was given a total of 95 wins – meaning that oddsmakers see this as a very good starting number for the season to come. Of course, it doesn’t mean this is how many games the team is going to win. You are given the option to bet ‘under’ that total, or ‘over’ that total. However, that is the total that the casino feels safely in posting for the public so that it can best induce betting.

The take home message here is simple. Caesar’s Palace feels that the Dodgers will be very good. This of course runs parallel to the team being 8 to 1 odds to win the 2019 World Series.

Equally important is that just two teams had higher posted totals. The Boston Red Sox have a total of 95.5 games posted for their total, and the Houston Astros are posted with 97.5 regular season wins. And that is all – no other team has a higher number than your Los Angeles Dodgers.

Every indicator given is that the Boys in Blue are in for another very exciting year. This is even without landing the huge free agent or trade to this point.

Would you take the over or the under on the Dodgers winning 95 games in the 2019 regular season? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. They’re a useful tool. You can easily see who is relevant for a World Series title here – and there is value in knowing these numbers. The biggest reason? There is always a reason for this number set by an oddsmaker. A lot of dollars ride on this number being succinct and accurate.

      1. Clint,
        I agree with you on the above and I believe the Dodgers will go over.

        There are three teams with totals above the Dodgers total. The Yankees were left out.

        1. Always enjoy you stopping by Rita! Thanks for the read and nice catch on the Yankees! I believe Vegas is still on the fence with them deciding what number makes sense.

      2. Good day, Clint. Odds or no odds, I believe at the present time, without any more signings or trades to fill holes, this 2019 team will not come close to the 2017 and 2018 teams, sorry, but if their plan is to have both Verdugo and Toles in the OF at the same time thinking they will replace the offense from Puig and Kemp, Dodgers are in for a rude awakening. There will will be lots of platooning in the OF because of facing a lot of LHP as a result. without an impact middle of order RH bat, a catcher who might be able to hit a little, and or a 2nd baseman that does not need to be platooned, IDK about this team getting to 90 wins, let alone 95. Just my thoughts here.

        1. Paul, great to see you on here again. Great post. Happy 2019! I am going to take the over 95! Write it down!


    2. Vegas odds are an independent view of the teams overall. They vested interest in knowing the real world and stake their money on it as opposed to a bunch of homer fans that think their team is the best.

  1. These odds are stating what we have been saying. The Dodgers with the team they have right now wins the NL West in a walk and only Houston and Boston have higher projected win totals.

    The closest in the NL West are the Rockies with a projection of 82 or 13 games under the Dodgers.

    Remember the Dodgers in the first three months of the season went 26-30. Turner was out, Seager dealing with his elbow and Bellinger was swinging and missing a lot. Muncy had not been brought up. The last 3 months July, August and September they went 48-32 this is with Buehler hitting his stride, Ryu starting to pitch well and Kershaw back and Muncy in the line up and of course Turner back.

    The 2019 team is more like the last three months than the first three minus Puig and Kemp. I believe the 2019 team wins a minimum of 95 and a possibility depending on Urias and how well they integrate Verdugo and possibly Toles into the line up could get close to a 100 wins. And be back in the WS again….

    1. They’re going to win 83 games beating out the Rockies by a game and In typical Dodgers fashion this will be the team that actually wins the World Series

  2. Under. Muncy will regress. They need to replace Puig & Grandals production. Verdugo won’t do that. They also need a 2B. Dozier or La majority might be helpful there. Also the only reason they were above water the beginning of the season last year was Kemp. I still look at there bullpen and see one that is missing a piece after the Kelly signing. Baez is not the answer. It would have been nice to see them sign a Kelvin Herrera. So right now under 95 but if they add some pieces that could be more than attainable.

  3. I’m going to have to agree with Ebenezer. I just looked at Vegas predictions for the 2018 season and they were all way off but here are some of the ones that stand out.
    Braves- 74
    Redsox- 91
    Rockies- 82
    Brewers- 84

  4. As presently constituted, our Blue Crew will win between 84-88 games this season. Too many missing parts presently!!! Also, like PaulDodgerFan1965 states, the platooning of players must be reduced. So far, this off season has been a disappointment. Yes, we did add a piece to the BP but we need more than that to compete; i.e. how do you replace home runs generated by Puig, Kemp, Grandal? Go Blue!!!

  5. The Dodgers will go over 95 fairly easy. Corbin is gone Goldy is gone, I don’t believe the rest of the division is close to being as good as last year. Seager is back. Taylor is a real good player I think he will come back and have a good season. Verdugo has no downside, He has been all over the map as a pinch hitter called up and down and more. He needs an everyday chance to play as he has consistently hit over 300 in the minors when given that opportunity. I like Kersh having a bounce back better than last season and Buehler is a 20 win guy. Bullpen is pretty good now with Kelly. Got rid of a problem Grandal and now Barnes also knows his place. I like the team a lot and see a fabulous move getting rid of Kemp Puig and Wood, Grandal. Those were some streaky players becoming boring to me. I think I’ll get my bet in now before we get Harper and the over under goes to 98.

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