Dodgers News: 9 Players on Fantasy Top 250 List

Fantasy baseball is one of the things that has grown in popularity over many years. It started as a slow process in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but it really boomed in the mid-2000’s and has kept growing ever since. A new Top 250 players list is out for it, courtesy of Sports Illustrated, and a few Los Angeles Dodgers players are on it.

For starters, you would automatically assume that Clayton Kershaw is one of the top fantasy players in the game, not just for pitchers but just overall players. And he is. The list has him checking in at the 7th spot. He is, by far, the highest-ranked pitcher on the list. The list of Los Angeles players didn’t end with him, though.

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The other eight players to show up on the list who happen to be members of the Dodgers go as follows:

  •  Adrian Gonzalez (#72)
  • Yasiel Puig (#74)
  • Corey Seager (#92)
  • Kenley Jansen (#97)
  • Joc Pederson (#139)
  • Scott Kazmir (#158)
  • Alex Wood (#198)
  • Yasmani Grandal (#229)

While Kershaw is the top rated starting pitcher, Kenley Jansen is the third-highest rated relief pitcher behind only Wade Davis and Craig Kimbrel. Among the other positional rankings, Yasmani Grandal was ranked as the 10th best fantasy option at catcher. Worthy candidates were above him.

Adrian Gonzalez was ranked 13th among first basemen, Howie Kendrick was 21st among second basemen, Justin Turner came in at 25th for third basemen, and Corey Seager was third among shortstops. Yasiel Puig was 28th among outfielders while Joc Pederson was 44th, Kike Hernandez was 97th, and Andre Ethier came in at 98th.

Scott Kazmir was the 48th ranked starting pitcher, Alex Wood was 60th, Kenta Maeda was 93rd, Hyun-jin Ryu was 99th, and Julio Urias was 101st. Essentially, as it seems to be in fantasy as it is in real life, Kershaw is the top of the heap for pitchers and then the rest of the team is far behind him.

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