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Dodgers News: A.J. Ellis Talks About What Vin Scully Has Meant to Him

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis took a moment to share what he would one day tell his son about Vin Scully. Scully is nearing the end if his illustrious career with the Dodgers hanging up his microphone after 67 years.

As most visiting teams are taking an opportunity to meet Scully, Ellis is taking advantage being among a Dodgers legend everyday. In an interview with ESPN, Ellis gave a riveting narrative starting with his first baseball memory at seven-years old. He was watching the first game of the 1988 World Series.

“I still remember the voice on the television telling me about the ‘high fly ball into right field” and how she is gone’!”

He also mentions his own personal experiences with Vin Scully such as listening to the highlights after the game and remembering how Vin got him trending on Twitter.

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Ellis says he will tell his son of the nearly perfect game he was proud to be a part of, and the 27 outs called by Vin that he still listens to today.

Ellis says the way Vin describes the game is incomparable.

“Hopefully he will see the way Vin allows the tension and drama to build. The way he allows the game, and especially the conclusion, to play out through the buzz of the stadium and the work of the cameras: “0 and 2 … got him! He’s done it!””

Most of all, Ellis says he will tell his son about what an honor it was to be apart of the Dodgers organization, and to wear the uniform of the team that brought baseball players such as “Jackie, Newk and Campy, Sandy and Clayton”.

“And while wearing that uniform, competing in front of baseball’s best fans in baseball’s most beautiful ballpark, I was humbled and honored to know that Vin Scully was sitting right above home plate, painting the picture of our great game and, at times, even using me as the paint for his brushstrokes,” says Ellis.

Ellis’ story has quickly become a fan favorite. Fans have already read through the full article and are loving every bit of it.

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