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Dodgers News: A.J. Pollock Removed From Game with Injury

Dodgers centerfielder A.J. Pollock was removed in the 8th of the team’s 8-2 victory after experiencing tightness in his groin area. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts announced that Pollock has a slight groin strain, but that it was not serious.

He is currently listed as day-to-day, but the expectation is that he will be out for “at least the next two games.

With the Dodgers being ahead of the pack in the NL West by 16 games, they should not rush anyone back from an injury, whether it’s a small injury, or a big injury so that everyone is healthy and ready to play come playoff time.

Pollock was already missed close to 2.5 months of play and Los Angeles cannot afford Pollock to miss any time during the playoffs. Prior to his first injury, Pollock had just 2 home runs and 14 RBI in his first 27 games before undergoing elbow surgery.

Since returning from the injured list, he has been dominating opposing pitchers. In the second half of the season, Pollock is batting .300 with 4 HR and 12 RBI in 16 games.

Pollock will be a vital component for the Dodgers in any World Series run this season. It’s essential for Pollock to rest, and not aggravate his groin.

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  1. Dominating opposing pitchers? I watch the dodgers every game. He strikes out as much as he hits. Let him set the bench awhile.

    1. Actually he grounds out to short quite a bit……but he is one of the few “base hitting table setters” we have hitting in our lineup……just sayin.

  2. Pollock injured? What a surprise. There has to be an over and under on how many times he goes on the IL in the next 4 years. He has an opt out after 3 years, too bad the team doesn’t have an injury opt out.

  3. In the arrival it states the Dodgers are 16 games ahead in the west, so they can Pollock. The Dodgers need to play the best line-up to win every game, because it would help to have home field advantage, and the Astro and Yankees are on their tail

  4. Does get injured a lot but he is a positive addition to the team as a right handed bat. He is a decent up grade compared to other aqusitions.

    1. Let’s not forget that Pollock IS a RH bat and the fact that the team is still too left handed heavy will be exposed in the PS and especially if they get to the WS. They had difficulties with last night’s Padre LHP and believe me, in the PS and Ws they will be facing much better LHP and that is why even if they were able to get Vasquez from the Pirates, the Dodgers do not have an offense that will be able compete that that of the Astros or Yankees.

      1. An outfield of JOc in left, Verdugo in cener and Belles in right works for me. Beattie will handle first. The loss of Pollock hurts as we need a righthanded bat, but he has not been an offensive power house since his arrival. I will be curious to see what May can do this evening. I do envision Maeda and Urias staying in the BP, with May becoming the # 4 starter. Tell PD Jr., I send my best regards.
        Go Blue!!!

        1. I will tell PD Jr. so he will be happy to hear that. Pollock certainly has been hitting better since he came back from the IL. we shall all see how May does and hopefully the offense AND defense will show up tonight too.

  5. What a joke. He is a .248 hitter and fans think he is Babe Ruth. The team was playing great until he returned. I just hate this misguided logic about righty and lefty batters. Pros should be able to hit either. AJ is just a dud. This team will never beat Houston again if it comes to that.

    1. MLF< this 'logic' means that there are several Dodger hitters who don't show they can hit both sides of a pitcher, hence the result of platooning. i agree whole heartedly that the lineup should consist of players who can basically show they can hit BOTH LHP and RHP.

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