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Dodgers News: A Small Update in the Trevor Bauer Suspension Appeal

As the Dodgers’ season marches along, the team sits firmly atop the division, the league, and of all of baseball as the most winnest team with 74 wins. And the team has done that without the services of right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer.

The embattled hurler has been away from the team since initially being placed on administrative leave back in mid-July 2021 following accusations of sexual assault. Earlier this year, after a lengthy investigation, Major League Baseball handed down a full two season suspension to Bauer under the joint MLB/MLBPA domestic violence and sexual assault policy, keeping him out of baseball until 2024 at the earliest.

Understandably, Mr. Bauer appealed and that appeal process has been underway for the better part of two months. Now there’s a new wrinkle in the saga.

The Bauer Saga

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reported that Bauer’s appeal is now expected to “extend beyond the end of the World Series.”

Here’s a key takeaway from Shaikin’s article.

The appeal of Bauer’s suspension started May 23 and now is expected to last until November, [Bauer’s lawyer Shawn] Holley told the court. The appeal is heard intermittently, but Holley said she is “working full-time” on proceedings that she said involve “voluminous” evidence and could include as many as 22 witnesses, only four of whom have completed testimony before an independent arbitrator.

Trevor Bauer and his representation maintain that he did not violate the DV policy.

Given the sensitive nature of this subject, comments have been disabled on this article. 

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