Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez Explains Success At Chase Field

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Typically, a batter will feel most comfortable in his home stadium considering it’s where they play the bulk of the 162-game season. While Adrian Gonzalez has been a strong hitter at Dodger Stadium, his numbers suggest he thoroughly enjoys Chase Field as well.

Last season, Gonzalez batted .481/.545/.963 (13-for-27) with four home runs and 13 RBIs against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the desert. Gonzalez is a career .342/.412/.654 hitter at Chase Field thanks in large part to the success he’s had there over the last two seasons.

In a recent interview on AM 570 LA Sports, Gonzalez discussed why he believes he’s continually hit well at Chase Field:

I think it relates to the fact that I’ve had really good success in Milwaukee, as well. I think the batter’s eye, they’re very similar feels. As soon as you get to center field it’s this big green wall and you see the ball really well. It’s obviously a good place to hit, the ball carries, so you throw in all those factors and for me, it makes it a place where I really enjoy hitting.”

Gonzalez further explained that the outfield wall does not have any reflection or depth perception issues and because of this, he is able to get a good eye of the ball. While Gonzalez hits well at Chase Field, he seems to be swinging the bat just fine at Dodger Stadium so far this season.

Gonzalez has hit a home run in four of his last five at-bats, and has an MLB-best five home runs. Beginning Friday, the Los Angeles Dodgers play the first of nine games at Chase Field this season.


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