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Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez Injury Progress

Adrian Gonzalez’s recovery has been slow, but he’s recently made important strides in his return.

Prior to Sunday’s game against the Miami Marlins, Gonzalez was seen taking some swings off a tee and has been running around.

Gonzalez has been sidelined since mid-June with a herniated disk. This year has been very concerning for the Dodgers as their former “butter-and-egg man” has made his first trip the DL and has basically stayed there all year. When he has played he is batting .255 with one home run and 23 RBI’s. Gonzalez said in an interview:

“I want to get back this year to help the team and for me to be healthy,” Gonzalez said Wednesday. “But I’m thinking more long-term about being able to play more years.

“Because if I have to deal with this next year again? That’ll probably be it. My contract will be over, that’ll probably be it. I won’t play anymore. If I can heal it and my body feels good? Now I can go out there and do the things I can do. Then I’ll keep playing.”

Although having the 2013-2016 Gonzalez back in the Dodgers’ lineup would be great, Gonzalez’s main priority is to play this safe, not rush his back, and be able to make a return next year. The Dodgers’ have plenty of depth in the lineup, Bellinger at first means Taylor in left, and they’ve been producing. So a return of Gonzalez wouldn’t mean he’d start. Especially against lefties.

Gonzalez continues to be a team leader and catalyst as he travels with the teams and helps coach the young guys.


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  1. Agone is a true Team Player…I wish him nothing but the best…I would hope he takes rest of year off…and comes back strong next year…

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