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Dodgers News: A.J. Pollock Gives Dodgers Share of MLB Record With Historic Homer

The Dodgers entered Wednesday afternoon with a reputation you want in the big leagues. Indeed, this is a team that likes to hit home runs in front of it’s home crowd. Already, the Dodgers set a big league record on Opening Day when they pounded eight home runs against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

And so on Wednesday, they needed just one home run to tie baseball’s record of 32 games straight with a home run at home. While Sonny Gray of the Cincinnati Reds was very good, he ended up making a critical mistake to A.J. Pollock in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Then, history belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers once again.

Furthermore – here’s the blast that made baseball history – and gave the Dodgers a victory on Wednesday afternoon!

Moreover, this is a really cool record to own a share of. Seriously, there is no better mark of a team that excites than a team that puts runs on the board at home via the home run.

The streak began on August 21st, 2018 against the St. Louis Cardinals in a 5-2 loss. It was Manny Machado who homered that day off Luke Weaver to begin this streak.

Still, it’s important to remember that the Dodgers do not yet solely own the record. They will take aim at 33 games on April 26th, a Friday evening against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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  1. It was a nice pitching performance by starting ace 1B…….following nice starts by Stripling, Kershaw and Maeda, it appears the starters are back on track. With Kershaw’s return, coupled with Ryu and Hill soon to return as well, the Dodgers look nicely positioned to start dominating again. The longer stints by the starters keeps our suspect bullpen from being exposed and that has been huge as well.

  2. Watching that game yesterday, could not help but think back to 2017 when the Dodgers were trying to get Sonny Gray from the A’s. The Yankees ended up getting him and then everything went wrong from there. He (Gray) stunk up the place and they could not wait to get rid of him We ended up with Darvish and he, (with Roberts help), coughed up the world series to the Astros. Gray looks fine to me and I could not help but wonder how things would have turned out had we acquired him instead of Darvish……..just the way my brain works in woulda coulda mode, but I still remember being disappointed we ended up with Darvish and not Gray approaching that trade deadline.

      1. Granted this was two years ago but “the North remembers”…….Verlander wanted to come here……he had four teams where he wanted to go and the Dodgers were one of them, the Astros were not……..Detroit wanted Buehler and Verdugo in the deal….NO WAY I’M MAKING THAT TRADE!…….and the Dodgers bowed out of the conversation fairly early after I heard that rumor…………I did not want that trade for that reason alone………….the other rumor was the Dodgers did not want to take on the remaining 56 million Verlander had coming at that time. Trading for him (Verlander) obligated you to pay him for two more years. Darvish was an “instant” free agent at seasons end so they went with him. But these rumor things media people reported, obviously I don’t know if they were true.

  3. ……..and before I forget………congratulations go out to Pollock! He has not looked good at the plate of late and when they walked Cody to get to him, I was not the least bit surprised. Coming through in that instance yesterday, that must have felt good for him and the team. Nice redemption!

  4. Polluck is a long way from redemption, much less earning his money for the next four years. First important hit of this season, 20 games in.

    1. Ok, I get it…….you don’t like Pollock being here for some reason. I was simply complimenting him for coming through in the clutch. When they walk the hitter in front of you because he is the best player your team has and they do not want to face him, that puts a lot of pressure on the succeeding hitter, whomever it is. Not many hitters come through in that situation, let alone mash a dinger! I thought it was GREAT! Still do………Who would you have hitting behind Bellinger?

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