Dodgers News: Alberto Callaspo Discusses Trade, Role With Team

Alberto Callaspo held some power this week between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. The two teams had a deal in place and it was reported that Callaspo vetoed the deal as part of his no-trade clause until June 15.

He eventually accepted and became of member of the Dodgers and immediately was thrown into the fire in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the tying run on first. He flew out to end the game, but before the game he discussed the deal and his role with the team.

Callaspo said he never actually rejected the trade, but just wanted some more time to think about it before making a decision. He talked about what made him accept after all, “The next day I thought, I’m going with the best team, so let’s do the trade.”

The 32-year-old said he will play wherever and whenever he’s asked, but said that he wasn’t too sure what his role was going to be. Andrew Friedman liked his versatility and could see him getting some spot starts at first, third or second base.

While it’s unknown whether Callaspo’s time with the team will be long-term because of Hector Olivera getting ready to join the big-league club, Callaspo will hopefully provide some help in the time being.


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Vincent Samperio

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  1. Help? Like how? The guy is a smaller version of Uribe……only 1 who plays more positions…not nearly the defender Juan is……and you gonna sit Adrian for this guy? I do not think so…this was a salary dump and that is all it was……

    1. This was not a salary dump. They only got 1.5 million in salary relief as they took back 5 Million in salary between Callaspo and Stults. Hector Olivera is going to be the starting third baseman this year, period. Because of this, Uribe, a guy who can’t pinch hit and can’t play anywhere but 3b was let go as they don’t need a 4th string third basemen. Callaspo is here to come off the bench until Olivera is ready. He has about a month to prove he’s valuable until he gets DFA’d. Turner and Guererro are guys they want to keep because they make the team stronger because they can hit. They got rid of an arm they don’t think is going to pitch this year and got 3 arms back. Eric Stultz is rotation depth. Someone they hope they won’t need to use. Ian Thomas LHP and Juan Jaime RHP are two pitchers just beginning their prime years that miss bats (high K’s) but have control problems (high BB’s) that they think they might be able to fix, or at least improve. They have a chance to pitch effectively for the Dodgers this year. So, they basically traded 2 guys that weren’t going to help the team this year for 4 guys who might. This is NOT a bad trade. Uribe and Winthrow have no trade value.

      1. Check your facts there kiddo…..Stults was immediately DFA’d…they don’t want the guy…..had him and got rid of him….So they got 2 iffy arms back, not 3. Only one is supposed to have promise…..I knew Juan was dispensable, so no big deal, but Callaspo is fodder. He is multi positional that is his only asset…..no power…..and so far not hitting much this year….Withrow was spare because they are deep in power arms….

        1. The “FACT”, my friend, was that this wasn’t a salary dump. A DFA is not a release. If Stulz accepts it, he’s stays in the organization. The was a trade of two players they have no use for, for 4 players they might. PS. Callaspo had a nice pinch hit RBI last night, so he’s already better than Uribe. Don’t forget the 2 horrible years Uribe had before he had 2 decent years. None of this matters because there’s no room for Uribe once Hector Olivera comes up. As much as you think you know, the Dodgers front office team know more. They have, know and use all the stats combined with great scouts. Trust them.

          1. Kudos to Callaspo for doing something positive, but he is also no more than roster fodder. I know exactly how bad Uribe was the first 2 years, and I thought he was a terrible free agent signing. I also thought they should not have given him 2 years on his last contract due to his age, and inability to play more than one position. But I think they kept him as a stabilizing influence on Puig. No matter, he is a Brave now. Never have claimed to know more than the FO guys, but this bunch makes some head scratching moves. Stults got sent to AA……Not much of a future there for a 36 year old. And Callaspo’s hit last night, while nice was in a no pressure AB. He blew it the other night when they needed a hit…..by the way…Callaspo is in no way a better player than Uribe…..not even close….

      2. and Uribe had trade value because they got something other than an old bag of balls for him…..And according to the Braves site…they really like Withrow…

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