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Dodgers News: Alex Anthopoulous Added to Front Office

The Toronto Blue Jays finished this season with the highest run differential in baseball. Not just that, they had the best run differential in baseball by 99 runs. By several measurements, Toronto was the best team in the league, but, as tends to happen in MLB, the regular season’s best team fell short in the postseason.

Since then, their GM, Alex Anthopolous, resigned from his position — a move that shocked many. Now, it’s being reported he’s found his landing place in Los Angeles, with the Dodgers.

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This, via Vince Cauchon of Quebec’s Radio X.

The thinking: like any other player, Anthoplous was gambling on himself, hoping to find a better position elsewhere given what he built in Toronto. It also didn’t help when a CEO was hired over his head, leading to a perceived power struggle from that point forward.

Anthopolous was also named 2015’s MLB Executive of the year, so there’s that, too.

Some concern might arise of too many cooks being in the Dodgers’ kitchen, but really, getting as many incredibly talented thinkers with like-minded ideologies is rarely a bad idea.

The Dodgers have yet to announce the move, but it does seem like this one, along with the Kenta Maeda deal, will be done sooner rather than later.

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  1. This guy fits the mold for the new Dodger front office. He’s worked with one them before and he’s never won a World Series, which seem the main criteria.

  2. Blue58 You’re on target. Toronto has been very competitive  lately, and they didn’t  appreciate  his contribution. We will win a World  Series  soon and he can help himself  and Dodger Nation at the same time.

  3. I have a feeling that the FO feels its everyone else fault for the Dodgers post season failures.  They’ll keep pulling like minds into their crowded kitchen full of yes men.  Alex Anthopoulos likes the multi team trades and trading for draft picks.  I’m cautious but hopeful.  At least he started in the world of baseball with much of his time as a scout instead of playing with stats.

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