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Dodgers News: Alex Verdugo Back at Full Health

Dodgers’ outfielder Alex Verdugo, who injured his back in early August and missed the rest of the 2019 season, has fully recovered from the injury and is “back to 100%,” according to Chris Verdugo, his brother.

The conversation started with this series of tweets below.

The Verdugo brother endorsed the idea that the Dodgers care about their players in his response.

Moreover, Alex Verdugo will also begin his training program in the coming weeks.

“He’s going to be starting his training regime in probably about a week or so,” Chris Verdugo said in a message to Dodgers Nation.

The 23-year-old Alex had a strong rookie season for the Dodgers, despite missing so much time. In his first shot at regular playing time at the big league level, he quickly became a fan-favorite while establishing himself as a key piece of the Dodgers’ core.

In 106 games, Verdugo posted a .294/.342/.475 slash line with 12 home runs, a 114 wRC+ and 2.2 fWAR.

His 13% K% was the second-lowest on the team and his 85% contact% led the team. That ability to make consistent contact was something the Dodgers lacked in the postseason.

He also played strong defense in both center field and right field with 13 total defensive runs saved, a 3.4 ultimate zone rating and 2 outs above average.

Having him fully healthy in 2020 will be a big boost to the Dodgers on both sides of the ball.

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  1. I’m happy that Alex is ready to come back and fully healthy to play with our Dodger NATION again.

  2. Gee thanks could’ve used a real hitter this October. Back problems at his age is ridiculous he’s going to be injury prone like Seager

    1. Thanks for the prognosis doctor, but you’re wrong! I missed my freshman yr of high school baseball because of back problems. I remember a parent saying I was done just like what you said doctor. But I came back and raked the next 3 yrs without any injuries, other than a gash on my leg from some moron cleating me!

      1. Settle down weakling I’m sure your injury wasn’t that serious drama queen and you’re talking 3 years of high school level ball not trying to embark on a long mlb career. I love how people like you always act like you know based on your low level short term experience.

  3. Dugie should be the incumbent starting left fielder next season……..period………….I have had enough of the AJ Pollock thing……….Dodgers need to trade Pollock, even if that means eating some of that bloated contract they just gave him. Let him play left for someone else……….please! I just can’t see why Roberts continues to start this guy… was ugly last year…….but if he (Pollock) is not here any longer, then “Dave” will have no choice but to to give that playing time to the people who earned it. Verdugo was a standout (for me) until he was injured. Nice rookie season indeed!!!!!!

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