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Dodgers News And Notes From Blogger Night At Dodger Stadium

Last night I was given the great opportunity to attend “Bloggers Night” at Dodger Stadium and got to meet the faces behind the Twitter avatar in the Dodgers blogging community.

Along with interacting with other bloggers, the night included discussion with Dodgers President Stan Kasten and General Manager Ned Colletti. We also got the chance to meet Joe Jareck, Yvonne Carrasco, Jon Chapper, Josh Tucker and Steve Brener from the Dodgers PR department.

First up was Kasten and he talked more about maintenance around the stadium including the WiFi improvements and parking issues, but maintained parking has been an issue since the early 1960’s.

Kasten said he’s all for “Vin Scully Way” even if it meant challenging Vin himself as he’s always looking for ways to honor the Hall of Fame broadcaster.

They’re also looking at improving the food and drink options at the stadium so don’t be surprised if you see new restaurants and bars next season. Kasten also addressed the new cable network and while he hopes every cable provider will have access from Day 1, he understood, that like the Lakers channel, there could be a delay.

The reason why we haven’t heard much about the new deal is out of respect to Fox Sports, so expect to hear more about the deal in the coming weeks.

I asked Stan about the thought of facing the Braves in the playoffs, a team that he helped build a dynasty in the 90’s, and he said he’d have “mixed emotions”, but wants to win badly.

Next up was general manager Ned Colletti and I couldn’t have been more impressed with what he had to say.

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