Dodgers News And Rumors: MLB Orders No More Bubbles

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Over the past few months the Los Angeles Dodgers have clawed their way to top of the National League West standings and have had fun with their success.

During their stretch of improved play, a bubble machine became a mainstay in the dugout and is seen spewing out bubbles as Dodger players dance and celebrate a home run.

Unfortunately on Wednesday, news surfaced that the fun in the dugout with the bubbles was ordered by MLB to no longer take place.

However, despite being instructed to cease use of the bubble machine, it was used in the celebration of Matt Kemp’s home run in Wednesday’s win over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

MLB has not stated why they banned the bubble machine and word has yet to surface as to whether or not the Dodgers would face any form of disciplinary action for using it in Wednesday’s game.

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  1. The MLB is trying to kill the Dodger’s soul. No bubbles, no lighting Van Slyke’s foot on fire, what’s next? No fun of any kind? Keep the bubbles. Get rid of the politics!

  2. This makes NO sense why they have to stop… EVERYOEN loves bubbles, and you have no soul if you say otherwise.

  3. No fun allowed!! Being happy and celebrating is unauthorized. Heaven forbid someone get hit by a stray bubble!

  4. The Giants must have complained about it. The MLB seems to always listen to what they say.

  5. Man, talk about being overreactive to and unexpected Morale booster. MLB is going the way of the No Fun League (NFL). I’m sure if it generated more money for them they would drop bubbles in midfield

  6. A great promotion idea. Give all the fans a bottle of bubbles one night. Let the fans blow the bubbles.Couple thousand bubbles times 55,000 fans what a site!!!

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