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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Addresses One Upcoming Rule Change in MLB

A huge topic when it comes to baseball is the speed of the game. The amount of time it can take for a game to finish can shy fans away but the MLB came up with the idea of a pitch clock.

It soon sparked controversy making players and fans wonder if this takes away from what baseball truly is. It was clear something needed to be done, but Andrew Friedman believes there may be another issue for the players.

Like anything new, it will take some adjustment. The pitchers in the MLB are among the best in the world, but perhaps this pitch clock may be their downfall (via Fox Sports).

“I think there’s a great unknown of who’s going to be able to and who’s not,” Friedman said. “For some guys, it’s going to be easy. For others, it’s not.”

It’s an interesting way to change up the speed, but in reality, the pitchers are the ones who will be affected the most. Batters can adjust on the fly but with the growing technology, including the PitchCom, pitchers will have to get in plays and throw the ball out faster.

Both of which pitchers have expressed little to no desire for the changes. However, this is the reality of baseball.

The MLB is smart for trying to keep up with the new wave of sports fans, but perhaps too many changes are being made too fast. The game is slowly changing and lifelong fans may start shying away.

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  1. I suppose I can be mildly irritated in routine situations where the pitcher stalls, scratches at the rubber for a while, then the batter steps out, then repeat 3X. But for the most part, it’s just the drama of the game.

    But what does irritate me is the “commissioner” pontificating about it being for the game and the fans, when what he really means is TV wants a product, not to cover a game per se, but is the game, in X amount of time, repeatably.

    Yes, I know it’s a business, one that creates the billionaires vs the millionaires conflict come contract time, it always has been, but at least be honest and say that instead of the BS about being “good for the game”. Honesty out of the commissioners office, my gawd, what a concept!

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