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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Talks Bullpen

One of the things the new front office has attempted to do when building up the Los Angeles Dodgers is try and figure out a way for the bullpen to work adequately enough for them to chase a championship that has eluded the city since 1988.

Andrew Friedman and the front office have tried to get low cost options in the bullpen while plugging in their own laundry list of pseudo prospects that they hoped could fill the role asked of them.

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Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) of the Orange County Register had this quote courtesy of Andrew Friedman:

It’s understandable that they are such big believers in Pedro Baez, Yimi Garcia, and Chris Hatcher.

Baez had a great first half of 2015, but saw a noticeable dip in his production during the second half. Garcia had a great second half, as did Hatcher. So the talent is there.

Whether or not they can build upon those half seasons of success will be one of the things to look out for in the 2016 season. But Friedman had more to say.

This isn’t a wrong way to think, to be perfectly honest. You have to trust the people you brought to the party. It’s always great to know that the front office has the backs of players they put a vested interest in. Hopefully the players reward the front office for that belief.

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  1. I believe in
    the youth, but I vividly remember the sight of Baez giving up the single to
    David Wright in NLDS.I know he is a
    converted infielder and throws hard, but ML hitters can hit a good fastball.I am assuming that LA will go with 7
    relievers: Jansen, Hatcher, Baez, Garcia, Blanton, Howell, and Avilan.Outside of Jansen and Howell, not one of
    those pitchers is proven.They each have
    had partial good seasons, but not one is a Wade Davis or Dellin Betances or
    Jake McGee clone.Who can be counted on
    to pitch lights out in the 8th inning and setup for Jansen?There’s at least 10 ML ready AAA pitchers,
    two 2B, 3-4 utility, 6-7 OF, but the bullpen, which has been a problem (just
    ask Kershaw), can go with 5 out of 7 unproven pitchers, based solely on potential.After the Rockies traded for McGee, there
    really isn’t any proven setup available.So I guess LAD is going with Hatcher as setup, and committee for 7th
    inning and prior.I feel more
    comfortable with Dave Roberts as manager than Mattingly, but it sure would be
    more comforting if the bullpen was experienced and roles were clearly defined.

  2. One thing that Colleti and Freidman have in common is that they both, has and are wasting the an opportunity to get support for one of the best pitchers in baseball history. They are taking Kershaw for granted. Greatness also has a limit. I can at least give Colleti credit for Jansen, although he goofed up signing the bearded one, Brian Wilson and others. Give him an E for effort. At years end Freidman will look like a genius or fool. He will also be judged by what he did during Kershaw’s prime.

  3. Three straight Division Titles (with Kershaw losing most of his post-season games). How exactly is the F.O. “wasting” his prime?
    If he were pitching for the 67-win Braves every year that would be wasting his prime. Not a perennial 90-win team.

  4. AlwaysCompete I was surprised by the McGee move I thought the Dodgers could have offered them a better combination of players. McGee would have made all of us feel better. The inexperience of the BP is definitely a concern. We just have to hope the young guys gained some experience and understanding that everybody at the Show can hit a fastball you must be able to pitch and have secondary pitches that keep people honest. Watching Greinke last year change location, speed and pitch height hopefully taught some of these guys something.
    I am more hopeful with the Kendrick signing. The offense will improve as Seager is a huge upgrade over Rollins. We can hope Puig has a Puig average year and SVS is much improved with that the offense should be better.I think Roberts will help. I believe he will have guys grinding it out something Mattingly apparently does not have the personality for…

  5. LADodgerFan If you believe a 90 win season and a division title defines success, you have a point. If you define success and playing in and winning a World Series, which Kershaw has said numerous times is his definition of success, then the Dodgers are not a success. 

    Robert Hamilton’s point is that the Dodgers have failed to find proven, lock-down relievers for the seventh and eighth innings. He’s right. One reason Kershaw took the playoff losses he did was because the bullpen let him down.

    Colette tried to bring in proven relievers, but it didn’t work. Friedman tried another tack, bringing in young pitchers with perceived potential and retreads he sees as begin undervalued. It didn’t work any better. Friedman has repeatedly passed on signing proven set up guys such as Andrew Miller when they are free agents. Let’s hope he’s right about Hatcher, Baez and Garcia, because it’s truly penny wise and pound foolish to give up a pennant because you wouldn’t spend $10 million on a really good set up man.

  6. Blue58 LADodgerFan While I agree with you and as I said would have been much happier with a proven bridge to the 9th inning Let’s not forget the offense squandered several opportunities with runners on or in scoring opportunities the last two years and were not willing or able to move the man over or score him from third.

  7. I see Beachy as being a part of that mix, and I’m guessing that they convince Montas his future is in the ‘pen and that future is now if he wants it.

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