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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman’s Words May Leave You Thinking Cody Bellinger is Coming Back

The cold streak remains the storyline of the season for Cody Bellinger, but his plays in the outfield can’t go unnoticed. Bellinger has shown he can play lights out defense and is surely something the Dodgers will miss if he were to leave.

Fortunately for Bellinger, it seems Andrew Friedman wants him back and sees the work Bellinger puts in throughout the season. Despite looking more like a shell of his former NL MVP self as the season went on, having the front office by your side surely bolsters the confidence and can give you an idea of their plans moving forward (via Doug McKain).

“Having a backstage pass to watching him I still very much believe in the true talent, the ability. I’ve watched how hard he has worked and how much he cares. Obviously last year was disappointing. He’d be the first to say that and that there’s a lot more in there and so now it’s incumbent upon him, us, everyone to figure out how to do that and from a talent and work ethic standpoint, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do so.”

Bellinger continues to show glimpses and the front office continues to want to be patient with him, but for how much longer can they allow for the poor hitting? Rather than sending Bellinger off, this could also be a way to show the value he still possesses even if the team chooses to get rid of him later in the season.

The experience from Bellinger goes a long way, but he will need to step it up if the team wants another shot of winning a World Series.

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  1. I don’t think Trea is back I don’t think they will pay what he’s asking. I believe Kershaw should be back Dodgers should do whatever’s to keep him , he has been the franchise for years. I hope Justin Turner is back for leadership purposes he is a great clubhouse guy and is a decent bat off bench. Tyler Anderson is a know brained to me he pitched his way to a contract . Finally I think Berlinger will be back but on a less money contract , you can’t give him 18 million after the last two years of meadiocresy

  2. I still stand behind Cody like I did last year. Shoulder surgery changed his bat trajectory. A no brainer. A broken leg and a cracked rib did in 2021. Actually 2020 was better than people think. Lot of hard hits with no results. And just remember guys
    No shift next year. He is a heavy pull hitter.

  3. The key here is -I believe if the shift is banned next year it will help him tremendously – how many sharp line drives has he hit to right that were easy outs that would have been hits without the shift- ? I think it will benefit him a tom=n and help get his confidence back!

  4. why is no one complaining about Max,I love Max and he had a bad year also but he had injury last year that’s he didn’t play as good should have noone did not down him like they do Belli, he is one of the b est center fielders in baseball look for him to shine this year.Tom Burke

  5. Bellinger and Muncy will be the Dodger players most helped by the shift change.
    I think the Dodgers feel they have carried Bellinger for 2/12 years might as well see it thorough arbitration. Bellinger has the blessings and the curse of POTENTIAL. The MVP so early may have been terrible for his psyche as he keeps trying to duplicate the Glory Days and swinging from his heels. So many players are coming off the books 18 Million shouldn’t be that big of a gamble. With the shift gone and if he hits 250-270 with his defense he is a bargain.
    They will lose T Turner, re-sign J Turner to a more club friendly contract. Either Lux or Amaya will be moved to SS and keep Vargas in the lineup. I believe Vargas, Outman, Stone, Pepiot and possibly Amaya are on the starting roster in 23. They will re-sign Kershaw and Anderson. The rotation will probably be Urias. May, Gonsolin, Kershaw and Anderson. Young arms will fill the long roles and fill out the bullpen. Guys as mentioned like Stone, Jackson and Pepiot barring a trade. Will will see what the Dodger Org thinks of Rios. Do they give him a shot at the roster or trade him??

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