Dodgers News: Baseball in July with a Potential 100 Game Season, Politics in Play, and More!

You wouldn’t think it would be as busy as it is what with no baseball and all, but it turns out the news is coming in hot when it comes to potential re-start dates for sports and MLB in particular.

Of course, the idea of opening day in July isn’t quite news anymore…

Dodgers News: MLB Looking at New Start Date, Mookie’s Loyalty to Los Angeles, and More!

But the details of what the season might look like is still pretty fluid. With that, a MLB columnist took to Twitter to shout out some info he received.

Dodgers: MLB Columnist Reporting League is Shooting For 100 Games and SoCal World Series

However, baseball — and the return to normal — will ultimately come down to status of the Coronavirus pandemic…

Dodgers: Governor Newsom Does Not Think Sports Will Happen Any Time Soon

…And a whole lot of politics.

MLB News: President is Hopeful Fans Will Be Able to Attend Games by August

If and when baseball does return, chances are it’ll look a whole lot different than we’re used to, at least at the start.

Dodgers: MLB Looking at Games in Empty Spring Training Parks

In lighter and more fun news, broadcaster Joe Davis came onto our Blue Heaven Podcast to talk about his excitement with the new TV deal that got the Dodgers onto DirecTV and more.

Introducing Joe Davis to the Other Half of Dodgers Fans, Online Sources and More! | Blue Heaven Podcast

It truly was a wild and unexpected deal… and too long coming.

Dodgers: The Broadcast Deal That Was Long Overdue | Dodgers DougOut

Now we just need baseball back. Please.

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