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Dodgers News: Bigger Bases Revealed; Fans React

One of the new flavors of the MLB CBA negotiations this week has been potential rules changes. Pitch clocks, banning the shift, and larger bases have all been part of the discussion from the MLB side of the table in exchange for concessions on other key issues. Note, reports outline that the league would implement these changes for the 2023 season.

On Tuesday, baseball fans got their first look at the larger bases.

Dodgers fans let their thoughts on the bigger bases be known.




One fan provided an alternative use for the larger bases.


It could also be a preventative measure for wardrobe malfunctions.


It wasn't all negative though, as one fan pointed out, it might have helped prevent Bellinger from getting injured last April.




In the coming weeks, fans will find out whether or not the larger bases are here to stay.

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  1. i like a pressure activated base strip that lights up and eloctronically, times the baserunners contact , parallel to first base in foul territory. then id tie in 2 synchronized cesium beam atomic clocks to videos at various angles to time the hitter touching first base along with the defense catching throws or making contact with the bag if they already have the ball and need to tag the base to make the out. then id try to get more sophisticated and try sound waves , develop doppler shift technology then tie all that in to hd video recordings from various angles and that may speed up the debate on whether the hitter was safe or not running up the line to first base. but the main thing is it makes zero sense for the runners to reach out with their foot to the left of the runners lane to touch the base. or run straight over first base with the defenders scrambling to reach the bag while theyre trying to concentrate on retreiving throws and or trying to find the base blindly with their foot. so this might decrease injuries . it probably would. the runners would also be able to maintain a more correct anatomical posture , stay closer to the runners lane and out of fair territory. and run straight through the base strip . the way they run through the base now is like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. and its easy to see from all the injuries it probably never made any sense . it says alot that no one in over a hundred years ever noticed that thre was an error in the way the game has been played. its proof that theres questions in everybodys reasoning processes . probably so especially outside anyones areas of expertise. you might be smarter about some things but nobody can be smart about their personal opinions outside very narrow fields of expertise. you just have to reason clearly sometimes, and you have to develop and evolve and continuously strive to improve ones thought processes and viewpoints to develop a better understanding of the real universe. the problems never go away. they are infinite and eternal. and they keep repeating themselves over and over again. its simply a part of the fractal nature of our entire universe where all things branch out and change forms from a state of ultimate simplicity. nothingness and the vaccum energy that accompanies it for all eternity. and everything that happens within it is natural. all the good and the bad and all the labels we try to put on things are subjective to the errors we make continuously in any of our thought processes all day long where, whatever subject were judging the accuracy varies between zero and 100 percent. and more rarely 100 percent . we increase our suffering and have great trouble trying to progress as a species as we take one step forward and two or three backwards at all stages of evolution in our estimations of reality and whats really going on out there in the wider more infinite universe that transcends space and time.

  2. Leave them the HELL alone. The game needs players to play and the greedy owners to play on their cash couches.

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