Dodgers News: Blake Treinen Doesn’t Sound Optimistic for the Postseason

Blake Treinen has missed most of the season with a shoulder injury — or maybe two different shoulder injuries? — pitching in just five games after being the Dodgers’ best and most dependable reliever in 2021.

L.A. manager Dave Roberts said over the weekend that if Treinen is healthy, he will be on the postseason roster, even if he doesn’t get back in time to make any more regular-season appearances.

Treinen played catch on Tuesday for the first time since going back on the injured list three weeks ago. Afterwards, he met with the media, and his tone wouldn’t necessarily be described as “pessimistic,” but it sure as heck wasn’t “optimistic,” either.

Treinen said the big key is for his arm to feel well enough to throw, and then for it to feel well enough again the next day.

“If it takes me a while to get ready to throw and I can’t bounce back, it’s not really a beneficial thing, so it’s just trying to find ways to get the arm to respond and go from there.”

When he was asked about his confidence that he’ll be ready for the postseason, he was noncommittal and then ended his comment with this:

“God willing, things will work out to where I’m available at some point in the playoffs.”

If you’re a Dodger fan counting on Treinen to come in a stabilize the bullpen in October, you’re probably not looking for a sentence that starts with “God willing” and ends with “at some point in the playoffs.” But if you watch the video, Treinen doesn’t seem down or pessimistic or anything. Just kind of … zen, maybe? He seems like he should be wearing a t-shirt that says, “It is what it is.”

We’ll have a better idea on Wednesday, when we find out how Treinen’s shoulder is feeling the day after playing catch. If Treinen is just taking it one day at a time, that’s probably all we can do, too.

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