Dodgers News: Blake Treinen Gets a Bit of a Bad Update

The best-laid plans of mice and baseball managers often go awry.

On Monday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said the plan was for reliever Blake Treinen to be activated from the injured list on Thursday.

“If Blake comes out of [his sim game] well, which I assume he had, a Thursday activation is very likely.”

Well, those plans have changed, and it’s not great news for Treinen. Wednesday’s update from Roberts revealed that Treinen didn’t “come out of it well” like they had hoped.

If everyone is healthy, the Dodgers have 16-18 pitchers with a decent case to be on the 13-man postseason pitching staff. But in baseball, it’s never the case that everyone is healthy, especially (it seems) with the Dodgers. This is the team that had four starting outfielders — Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, and Andre Ethier — for a year-and-a-half without it every really being an issue. For that matter, the only way 16-18 pitchers make a case for the postseason roster is if they all get a lot of time on the mound because others were injured.

So we’re back to the idea that Treinen might not be available for the postseason, at least the third time we’ve been there this season. Practically speaking, it’s not the worst news in the world, simply because the Dodgers have had an extremely effective bullpen all year despite throwing a grand total of five innings so far. The weapons are there to have a very effective October bullpen.

But Treinen was L.A.’s best reliever in 2021, so there’s always been an undercurrent of, “The bullpen is this good now, just wait until Treinen comes back.” That return is once again in doubt, which is deflating for Dodger fans.

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