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Dodgers News: Blake Treinen Reveals Shoulder Issue was Actually Significant Injury

The Dodgers have dominated their opponents all season winning 91 of their 132 games so far, but we can all agree that LA has struggled in one aspect: injuries.

Blake Treinen, who was the Dodgers’ primetime ace in the late innings last season, was placed on the injured list back in April with what was termed shoulder discomfort at the time. Flash forward a few months to Saturday leading into his first game back, he revealed that it was a little more serious than just discomfort.

The hurler revealed that he actually had a tear in his shoulder and surgery was on the table. However, he opted for the “miracle” approach with the PRP, rest, and rehab option.

For the past few weeks, following a long recovery, Treinen has spent some time recovering down in OKC. Across 6 innings at Triple-A, he posted a 4.50 ERA collecting 9 strikeouts while allowing 8 hits and 5 runs. Not bad for someone’s whose season was nearly ended. 

Notably, his velocity has been down over his AAA stint, leading to some concern. That was something the 34-year-old told Dodgers Insider writer Cary Osborne that he was not as much concerned about just yet but rather just grateful that he was still able to throw a ball and being able to return in the first place.

“The fact that I’m even throwing this year is such a miracle that if my velo is down, I don’t like to accept that, but it is what it is,” Treinen said. “And if I can compete with the right action, to me it doesn’t matter if my velo’s averaging 95,96 versus 96, 98. It wouldn’t matter as long as I can execute and have the action I’ve had in the past.”

And he definitely executed that night as he held the Padres to their solo run with only five pitches needed in the seventh inning. Here was a recap of his Saturday outing.

Treinen was one of the best relief pitchers in the game last season having a 1.99 ERA across his 72 games, limiting opponents to the eight-lowest weighted on-base average (.217) and 12th lowest batting average (.156). This year, the Kansas native only appeared in 3 games before his injury. Across those three innings, he held a 3.00 ERA, 1-1 record, collected 5 strikeouts and only allowed one hit, run, error, and homer each. 

Thankfully, Treinen’s return came at the perfect time as the Dodgers have suffered some recent pitching losses in Brusador Graterol and David Price. Hopefully LA can remain healthy for the last few months of the season but for now, we’re just glad to have you back, Blake!

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