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Dodgers News: Boston Reportedly In No Hurry To Trade Mookie Betts

On Monday morning, we were all told by Ken Rosenthal that a Mookie Betts trade was ‘inevitable’. In fact, it was just a matter of when and where; the MLB Insider said.

However as we all know these things are fluid and ever-changing. The news early Tuesday is in a little different tone, and comes from a different source of news. Both WBZ Boston Sports and a Boston Glove writer report that Boston is in no hurry to move the superstar outfielder.

Here’s the latest skinny from Alex Speier of the Boston Globe on Monday night:

“First, the Red Sox don’t feel a particular rush to deal the ultra-talented Betts. While there’s a strong expectation that he will be traded before the start of spring training, the Sox don’t want to push to conclude a deal based on a timetable rather than its substance.

Moreover, the team doesn’t feel as if it’s facing a hard-and-fast deadline. There’s not an equivalent alternative to whom the Padres or Dodgers can pivot if their goal is to acquire one of the preeminent difference-makers in the game, at a time when the free-agent market has been thoroughly scoured.”

Basically, Boston knows they are holding the best cards and are sitting in the catbird spot in this particular situation. Therefore – if the Dodgers or Padres aren’t willing to give them exactly what they want – they don’t feel compelled to settle.

Make no mistake about it, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the advantage over a number of other teams in that they’re openly negotiating with Mookie Betts. For instance, many large market teams do not make sense as a landing spot for the player based on a multitude of different factors.

Still, the Dodgers will need to get creative to pull this off; because whatever they’re comfortable with giving up at the current time has Boston in no hurry to do the deal. That is, if you believe these reports are accurate.

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  1. The Dodgers DONT need Mookie Betts and can win the World Series without him. The Dodgers came extremely close 2 out of the last 3 years. Would getting Mookie Bets push them over the top???? We will never know unless the trade is made. The big thing about the Dodgers to me is they have soooo many young players and most are getting better each year. The only one who regressed is Corey Seager because of an injury but he shows he is getting better so time will tell.
    I say don’t go over the top to trade for Betts.

  2. Chris
    We can go to the world series Again and we can loose with or without betts again.
    Our rotation is good… it is not great.
    We are built for success in the regular season.
    We needed another Ace to make feared 1, 2 punch. Trading for betts makes 0 sence.
    We needed a 3rd baseman to move JT to 1st base. We needed a few solid arms for the bullpen and a big RH bat. We have all the outfielders we need.

    1. Hello Dodger Blue! You are correct on everything except that 1st part of your post. As I see it Dodgers right now at least do NOT have what it takes or certainly not enough to reach the WS. Nothing is guaranteed, and as of now we will go to ST with the same LH heavy lineup and Roberts doing what he said he would do all over again as far as the shuffle board of lineups and players and then those pitching decisions,. and again, whenever Dodgers face a LHP, that is really when the game of shuffle board really takes place.

  3. Betts would be an awesome addition but he isn’t what the Dodgers need. Bryant would be the better addition short/long term in that we have him for two years and a greater chance at signing an extension than we do with Betts.

    1. If we’re going to trade for a big right handed bat go for Betts instead of yet another white guy

      1. I can only imagine the condemnation that would rain down, if you had mentioned passing on a player because he’s black/brown/asian…

        You are a poor representation of the rest of us ‘non-whites’.

  4. Yes. Fans have spoken. No need for Betts right now. Pitching please, this team badly needs a stud closer, and a second ACE.

  5. He’s the second best player in baseball if you can add him for a small package of players that are trapped by position like Jeter downs and anyone of the extra OF then you make the trade. While keeping may and lux it’s a no brainer.

  6. Betts needs to replace Pollock in the line-up, and Verdugo repalce joc. Joc is a one trick pony – curshing righties, its a hell of a trick and worth a roster spot, but not an every-day starting spot nor lead-off. Verdugo is more consistent than Joc and has less prima donna in him. On the Flip-side Joc’s personallity matches the city of Boston more (coming from a long-time boston fan (who is royally POed at managament) – my dodger fandom comes through my wife). Pollock is injury prone and a combo-breaker/deathknell in the line up, he kills any momentum.

    That said, the Dodgers aren’t over a barrel here. They need pitching more than they need Mookie, and I’m a mookie fan – I want in him LA, its best for him. That said, hes an FA next year, no reason to sell the farm system for a 1-shot run, instead of keeping it intact for years to come.

    Mookie is out of Boston next year, they would know if they wanted to keep him/he wanted to stay already right now, and he’d of been signed to something longer. Boston can choose to play hardball with the Dodgers and lose any return or play nice and take some good pieces while shedding ludicrous salary

  7. I fail to see where Boston holds the cards and are in the catbird’s seat. Their salary and competitive position is well known and won’t change by spring training. They won’t do better by the trade deadline either.
    The Dodgers would like to trade but don’t need to. Bloom and Friedman will stare at each other until someone blinks; it will likely be a while but before spring training.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Betts a rental player this year? If so why would we trade top prospects and any established players to get him? There’s zero chance that the Dodgers will offer him anywhere near the 10 year / $400 million he’s rumoured to want. Ten year contracts do nothing but hurt teams – ARod in Texas, Pujols in Anaheim.

  9. Betts is incredible, but the team is amazing without him. We should have at least one WS ring in the last three years if it wasn’t for the sign stealing. Seems that our real need is a top-10 ace level starting pitcher and a proven RP to take over in the 9th if Jansen doesn’t have it this year. Verdugo and a stud prospect pitcher are too much to give up for just one year of Betts, but would be worth giving up for that top tier pitcher.

  10. Folks, when all is said and done Dodgers must not end up over paying for a 1 year rental. And I seriously doubt Dodgers would offer that 12 year $420 million package he asked the Red Sox for.

      1. I am Paul and I don’t think these writers or insiders even believe them or actually know anything much they just need to put out content

  11. Typical trade posturing. Like Dodgers vs Yankees for Cole, or Dodgers vs Angels for Rendon. Go ahead and play the game with Betts. But the Sox are in the more desperate situation, regardless of the posturing. They are desperate to avoid the luxury tax. They need to dump Price and his outrageous salary. They need to cash in on Betts while they can. Every day that passes on Betts is money lost. He is a rental that is depreciating fast. If the Padres want to jack up the price for the Dodgers, let them have him. They would still be a long shot to do anything this year, and then Betts would be gone, and Dodgers rookies a year stronger.

  12. Be done FO! Move on to someone else that has at least two years of control! Or roll with the kids! You haven’t missed on a “Top” prospect in quite some time!

    Tell Boston good luck

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