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Dodgers News: Brandon McCarthy Hates Star Wars, Batman

It started so innocently for dear old Brandon McCarthy. While the 32-year old right-hander continues his quest back to the starting rotation after Tommy John surgery last April, he decided to tweet some things.

Tweets are harmless, most of the time. But there’s a line you do not cross with your tweets. There’s usually a little decorum that one needs to abide by before doing some foolish. Dear old Brandon did not follow this rule tonight.

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Here’s the first tweet from Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32), and it was simply innocent:

No harm, no foul. At least not there. It’s completely within the bounds of a sensible tweet. The man likes Superman. Who doesn’t? He’s a Kryptonian who can fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, and do a whole host of awesome things to save the day.

But McCarthy didn’t stop there. Oh no. He went to a place you should never go:

This man disrespected the sanctity of Star Wars. He waged open war on a movie franchise that has given hope to all those across the world. When times get dark and tough, we turn to Star Wars. Why? Because it’s FREAKIN STAR WARS, MAN!

Rather than respect the holy entity that is “The Wars”, McCarthy chose to speak ill of a movie that, and these are his words, had “laser swords.” Those are not laser swords, sir! Those are lightsabers. And they are awesome. Respect them!

So, when Brandon McCarthy takes the mound this year for the Dodgers, everyone should join in and hum the Star Wars theme song whenever he enters the game, records a strikeout, or just throws a pitch. Why? Because you do NOT disrespect Star Wars.

He also hates ¹puppies. Oh, and there was also this:

¹ Okay this is a lie. Still!

Happy Birthday, Scott Kazmir!

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  1. Ah, Brandon is lucky he did not attack the sanctity that is the Star Trek nation…they would have killed him !

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