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Dodgers News: Brandon Morrow Will Not Be Ready For Opening Day

The Dodgers didn’t sign a big-name free agent for their bullpen during the offseason. Instead, they let a few guys walk and re-signed Blake Treinen to a deal. But they also scooped up a bunch of arms on minor league deals in hopes of hitting the jackpot on at least one of them. 

One guy that the Dodgers and Dave Roberts hoped could be that jackpot was Brandon Morrow. He had a ridiculously good year with Los Angeles in 2017 that resulted in a big free-agent deal with the Cubs. Unfortunately for Morrow, injuries made it so that he would also pitch in 35 games for Chicago. 

Morrow has yet to make a Spring Training appearance for the Dodgers in 2021. When Roberts was asked about him today, he revealed that Morrow would not be ready for Opening Day. it also doesn’t sound like he’s close since he won’t get into Spring games. 

B Mo is on a throwing program, I think it’s a slower program. He won’t be ready for Spring Training obviously. But each day he’s getting better, I just don’t know when I expect to see him with us. But we’re trying to make sure he stays healthy and stays strong. 

The fact that he is not going to pitch in a Spring Training game probably shows how far off he is. Roberts confirmed that he is on a throwing program, but he is much further behind in his progression than other relievers building up. 

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Doc said that Morrow would likely stay back at Camelback Ranch or go to the alternate location when the Dodgers season starts. He will continue to build on his throwing program in hopes of joining the big league squad at some point during the season. 

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  1. Lots of low ball offers that will be insurance later on. Hope this is one of them. He sure was good for us a couple years back.

  2. There is no reason to push May, Graterol, Morrow, or anyone else on this Dodger team to play before they are ready. That’s the advantage of being the deepest team in baseball.

  3. Waste of a million dollars. Why is it that some of these pitchers ‘will not be ready for opening day” ? Kelly, Graterol, and now Morrow!

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