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Dodgers News: Brian Wilson Blows Off San Francisco Reporters
It’s always special when the Giants come into town and with them in last place and the Dodgers running away with the NL West, it makes things even better.

However, Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson has been involved in the rivalry, but this time it’ll be wearing blue, not orange. Wilson hadn’t pitched in 15 months before signing with the Dodgers and it doesn’t sound like he’s missed the San Francisco media much.

According to Mark Saxson of, Wilson decided against talking to the San Francisco throng that was waiting for him before tonight’s game:

Wilson is one of the biggest characters in all of baseball, so it sounds like he purposely intended to not speak to members of the Giants media. When he signed with the Dodgers, Wilson said he’d moved on from his time with the Giants and was excited about wearing Dodger blue.

While his arrival wasn’t met with excitement, Wilson has proven himself as a reliable arm out of the Dodgers bullpen and it’ll be intriguing to see how he reacts to facing his former team.

One of the Giants reporters, Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area, was among the media contingent before Wilson blew them off:

Wilson knew a contingent of reporters from San Francisco was waiting to talk to him. He timed his arrival at his locker, put on a belt, and when a Giants reporter said hello, the former closer said, It’s 3:44. We stretch at 3:45.

While the Dodgers seem to be excited to have him in the bullpen, his first experience as a former Giant doesn’t seem to be rubbing some the right away.


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