Dodgers News: Caleb Ferguson Recalled From AAA, Casey Sadler Optioned

The Dodgers have recalled left-handed reliever Caleb Ferguson ahead of Thursday’s matchup with the Philadelphia Phillies. Right-hander Casey Sadler has been demoted to OKC in response.

Originally on the Dodgers’ taxi squad, the roster move for Ferg has been made official.

Caleb Ferguson

Ferguson has not allowed a run in his last 11 appearances for Oklahoma City and is truly finding his groove, it seems. The Dodgers could use as much bullpen help as they can get, especially if it comes in the form of a southpaw.

Ferguson has 5.48 ERA in 22 big league appearances this season, but an elite 0.00 across 13 1/3 innings for OKC. He has struck out a whopping 23 batters.

Casey Sadler

Sadler, who recently received his first call-up to the majors with the Dodgers, threw 2 2/3 innings across two appearances. He allowed one earned run and struck out 2. His season ERA is now down to 2.05 in 22 innings between Tampa Bay and Los Angeles.


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  1. Unfortunately, in today’s game against the Phillies, Ferguson hit a player and walked a player (both scored eventually.) To Roberts credit, he took Ferguson out after the two batters. And so our bull pen woes continue….. sigh.

  2. Until Ferguson develops a second pitch,he will spend many countless nights in the minors.He looks scared on the mound and needs more seasoning. Mr. Friedman has 13 days to fix this bullpen or it will be a disappointing end to a special season.

  3. Ferguson can’t effectively pitch to major league hitters and Roberts knows it. I have to blame Robert’s for today’s loss by putting Caleb in there. CF needs to be optioned to the minors and perhaps, Floro might be right behind. 31 years and waiting….

  4. I hope they got him a round trip ticket. Baez has looked good since the pitch tipping incident.

  5. Caleb has been a disappointment thus far this season. And until the FO addresses the BP issue seriously and decides what to do, we will be at the mercy of Floria, Ferguson, Kelly, and Yimi. Thankfully, we do have Urias, who has been fantastic. Unfortunately, his role in the BP precludes him, at least for now, from moving into the starting rotation. Go Blue!!!

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